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When negotiating with sales coordinator

Able to Bargain well comes handy in many areas. There are when asking for better deals from hotel, from the Bridal studios and furnitures.

I think you will be more interested in asking for more deals from hotel. Generally, I’m not really good in all these negotiating skills. Yes, I know alot but they are just theories.

?Bargaining is really effective only when you make the sales coordinator to be your friend. How different you think the satff will treat you if she regards you as a friend? You wont wish that she treats you like any ordinary customer and if so, she will gives you only what ordinary customer deserves.

My friend who negotiated with her didn’t really jump staight into the deals. he made friend with her, asking her how she finds working in the hotel, how long she has been in this line and what she likes about wedding coordination.

?After rapport is built, we, as the customers will only say the negative aspects such as “why so small?; so litte?; why so few?; I’m not very pleased wiith what you are giving me?…” Keep the positive things in us will be good enough. This is to stress the coordinator and confuse her if she is giving enough good service.

Then, we will always ask for more that what we need, say we want free corkage for 25 bottles of wine though we only need 10. So generally, the number will fall between 10 and 25. “Eventually, we got 15.”

I’m awed by another trick about asking for more parking coupons. It is inching up. For example, we will tell the coordinator, you give us another 5% (about 10) and add a statement behind is adding 10 doesn’t make much difference. Then after we added 5%, we asked for another 5% and the increase will look insignificant. There is a difference from asking instantly for 10%. The jump is more obvious and normally the sales won’t relent.

I see my friends constantly using this startegies over and over again to get more and more deals for us. Though we didn’t really get all we ask for, but we got more that we first went there. Thanks friends!!!

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