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Relationship – by guest blogger Kailing

Honored I was to be coordinately invited by the author of this stunning and romantic blog to share my views on LOVE.??

It?s such a broad topic. Maybe I should just view on romance?.Hmm?.What is LOVE?
I begin to ponder?.
*Pages of memories flipped in the human data based*~Ding~
Shallow it may seem but somehow, I begin to recollect on the old memories of my first puppy love, of the first time my heart skipped its beat when he appeared. The time, when I meant everything to him and he meant the world to me, when LOVE is your only concern. The daily calls and meet up?. All the lovey dovey stuffs? All the first times become so ?memorable?? The first time you hold your hand with him, the first time he looks into your eyes and you say yes? Everything about him becomes the number one priority? everything about him seem perfect, the eyes, the features, his looks? everything?. you proudly brings him out, hold him tightly by the arm and make all your friends envious? It sounds crazy but that is love when you are young. Childish? Maybe but come on touch your heart and ask yourselves, isn?t the case for most of us??

Love is Blind?.

Then as you grow up, as you see and experience more, the definition of love changes? Love is no longer just looks, or the daily calls? it?s much deeper perception. It comes a time when love becomes more unconditional; when love no longer means possessing the person. Loving him is when you let go and set him free to make him happier even if it means millions of piercing daggers into the wound. It?s the time you would do anything and everything for someone.

Love is patient, kind and not jealous. It comes a time when Love is forgiving. When you truly love someone you love everything about them and you look passed all of their flaws.

When you really love someone you are loyal and honest to them. You would never want to hurt that person. You would treat that person like you would want them to treat you. You give your whole self to that person and share everything with that person. You would want to protect them and are willing to die for them. You are supposed to love them like you love your own self. You want to see that person happy. You want the best for that person and you want to see that person succeed.

Then as the adrenaline rising love carve its path, love settles down. To some, it means the dying signal of a relationship, however in my perspective it?s a good signal. It?s a good time for a couple to ?upgrade? and moved on to the next stage of their relationship to spark off the ?honey-moon? period they once have.

Love may be the sweetest thing everyone craves for, a fairy tale relationship is what every girl dream for but the path is certainly not a bed of roses. It can be bitter. There would definitely be times of quarrels over trivial issues but bear in mind the first rule for relationship; it?s unconditional and forgiving as long as your loved one is happy.

The most important thing is to love someone with true heart. Treasure each and every moment with them, for the last thing you want is to regret not loving them enough.

Enough said, I shall spread my love and send my blessings to everyone reading this.

To those who have not found your love or who have been through many sorrow patching on the heart, don?t despair for love is in the air. Awaiting the journey to the ONE, bear in mind you are still LOVED by many others around you?

With Love:
14th August 2006

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