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Simplicity is LIFE by guest blogger – Phyllis

Of late, the newspapers have been marred with bad news ? terrorism, looming war, poor economic outlook, jobs at stake, natural disasters and human crime, the list goes on…?During tough times, it is important that we keep our spirits up and stay positive. There will surely be light at the end of the tunnel. We have to learn to appreciate the little things in our life. A meal with family/ friends, a conversation with a loved one or watching a movie/ TV programme are such trivial matters, but, do we take pleasures in these events?Well, think about the recent Korean train incident, No one expected it to happen. It is so tragic that such a thing should happen and imagine the unresolved issues that each of the victims may have. A truce with someone whom a quarrel has occurred, an occasion that has yet to be celebrated as it has been procrastinated for too many times, etc…??

There are so many things that we have yet to do or experience. Life is short and thus, it is coined precious by many. Let?s do ourselves a favour ? start living and stop brooding on things that are not meant to be and learn to treasure our loved ones and people/ events that come our way.

The birds and the flowers around us did not asked to be born and yet they are surviving just fine as Mother Nature provides for them. They have no plans for the future and they take each day as it comes.

Hence, being the more intelligent species, we will ride out these tough times and if we sow good seeds now, the promise of a bountiful harvest is ensured.

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