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A small gift a day makes the relationship sweeter everyday

img_0541edit.jpgA bouquet for her
During courtship period, most guys will shower the ladies with gifts. Then, while they are still dating, the flow of gifts is still being sustained, maybe decrease a little bit la. Hmm…then after they get married, there is hardly any more gift..”waste money?”
Many times, this is when trouble comes. The ladies may ask “Why isn’t there any more gift for me? Where is the bouquet of flower he sent me everyday when he is courting me?…” the list goes on.
Guys and ladies alike…many times we are so preoccupied with our work, our career, our climb up the corporate ladder, the endless datelines, the many meetings till don’t know what time…by the time, we have reached home, we are so tired. Some may even have to take care of children and that leaves the couples very little time or no time to spend with each other.
I learnt from a friend (she is already in mid-forties, had a 13-year-old son) that everyday, she and her husband goes for a half-an-hour walk after dinner without fail. Other secondary benefits, also a good time to digest the food. Lower probabily for a tummy to be formed too.
The purpose of going for a slow walk is to update each other of their daily’s happenings and share their thoughts with one another. She even said the things they can discuss is endless because different daily events happen to them everyday. In fact, thousands and thoousands of things to talk about. So this makes me ponder why some couples even after 2 years of marriage told me they have nothing much to talk about. They just sit in front of the TV and stare at it.
As for me, I played my part too, making an effort to sit beside her and watch her do work even though she has to look at computer monitor. I also does surprise my fiancee with bouquets of flower, little toys, gifts or even a packet of bread for her to bring to work because I know that she is too busy to take her lunch. Small gesture like this goes a long way.

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