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Encouragement to my friend who is planning wedding

26321_wallpaper280.jpgIt is not easy to go through alone, especially when one feels so alone here, with no friend and family. If I were to put myself in your shoe, I would have felt the same way as you do, may be some fear, some anxiety and some sense of loss of direction. A mixture of feelings that you may not even be sure yourself. If you are not even sure yourself, how can others say “I understand how you are feeling.”
It is tough to walk through it alone, with so many obstacles, real or unreal, in the physical space or just in the head. Many people will just say “just go through la, you will be fine.” But how many people actually stop to listen to how you really feel? How many do actually listen to your inner voice? Who can sit down and just hear you out or even to offer a shoulder to cry on?
It is so easy to give up now. It is so easy to say that you don’t want to carry on. But what about the happy times that you have spent with each other? What about the times that both of you have done so much for each other? What about the times you said you love each other? Have you forgotten that?
The road of preparing the wedding is long. As much as we want it to be smooth, but things will seldom be the way we want it. Problems will come, challenges will confront you. Strike down these hurdles together and let them be opportunities for both of you to work together and learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
I know it is easier to say than to do it. I know I’m not you and only you know yourself best and what is best for you.
Glad that the last time I heard from you is things are going on well. You spent more time with your spouse-to-be and both of you communicate more with each other. It is not easy but I’m glad you have done it. Learn all these tools well and keep them by your side, as these will be the tools needed for the entire marriage life.

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One Response to “Encouragement to my friend who is planning wedding”

  1. 1
    Angeline Says:

    Maybe because I was also once here alone without friend and family, all these sound all too familiar to me. The fear, the anxiety, the helpness when faced with difficulties that seemed so hard to be solved.
    But, I believe, all these are nothing as compared to when one is faced with one major event in life – marrying. Choosing the spouse that one is going to be with for the rest of your lifetime is not an easy decision to be made. One would not help but wonder if correct decision is made, and correct partner is chosen. All these, coupled with the unfamiliar environment that one is in, makes the situation worse.
    Well, I might not be able to help much. Do not even know the name of your friend. But I really would like to cheer her on, to not give up. Gambatte! =)

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