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My Jie-jie’s wedding in 08 Feb 04

This was a photo of me and my jie-jie during her wedding. She just had her make-up and hair-do done and everybody was queuing up to take photos with her. There is a saying that a lady looks prettiest on her day of her wedding. Though true, I believe that ladies (plus everybody) look best as long as she smiles. But, sad to say, because the society’s pace is so fast, all men and women forgot how to smile.
My jie-jie and me. So happy for her!!! 😀
The solemnisation was held in Fullerton Hotel’s Jade restaurant. A table costs at least $1,300!!!It was held just before the wedding lunch. My cousin-in-law is a Japanese. Very courteous, well-mannered and has very good up-bringing. A role model for all husband-to-be including me. I remembered my jie-jjie told me her hubby cupped his hands to contain her vomit when she suddenly vomitted while resting on bed becuase she was unwell. I doubt not many husbands can do this. I’m sure her husband loves her very much!!!


This is the solemnisation and the decor of the table is done with rose petals




Yeah…now they are officially husband and wife and it had been 2 years plus.

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