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Innovation and Marketing

In business sense, for a company to last for a very long time, innovation and marketing will determine the lifetime of the company.
Without innovation and coming up with new products, the consumers will turn to other companies which can offer better products. Without marketing, even if you own the best product in the world, no one will know about it.
How does it got to do with relationships?
Let’s talk about innovation. Strangely, during courtship days, one party will try all means to win the other person’s heart. One is willing to pluck the moon from the sky just to be accepted as a stead. Then after entering into relationship. the effort put in to amuse the other party will lessen. As years pass by, some even feel there is no need to bother about it. Sounds familiar?
Innovation means finding new ways to spend time with your love ones and understanding more of your love ones. Innovation means let’s go for a slow walk by the beach instead of taking the usual walk along shopping lanes. Innovation means cooking a meal instead of eating at the usual restaurant or coffeeshops. Innovation means doing something different from what both of you normally do.
Innovation..what does it mean to you and how would you innovate your relationship with your love ones?

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