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Food tasting

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We went for our food tasting today. A table for ten people was arranged in a function room specially reserved for us. And we had a waitress allocated to serve us and to explain to us the food we were eating. I’m not used to the classy environment and for a moment, I felt “wow”.

We even had to fill up an evaluation form to rate the dishes and give our comments.

Here is the menu for tonight: Enjoy!!! :p “Hope it won’t make you hungry!”

1. Cold & Hot Platter- Roast Duck, Prawn salad, Japanese Octopus, Pacific Clams, Top Shell


Comment: The chicken is too salty and we requested it to be changed to suckling pig. The octopus would be just nice if less salty.

2. Shark’s fin soup with crabmeat and conpoy


Comment: Wow…it was really dense and so concentrated with shark fins…so dense that I could hardly stir…but then hor…is it like that for food tasting so we will be impressed and the quantity will differ on the actual day?

3. Cispy Pi-pa duck


Comment: The skin was really crispy and you can let it be crunched in your mouth. :p A bit salty though but the decor was nicely done.

4. Mixed mushrooms wrapped with beancurd skin in bamboo pith

Comment: I love it especially the beancurd skin.

5. Stir-fried prawns with apple mayonnaise


Comment: The apples were cut too big and taste sour…”yucks”…mismatch with the prawns…maybe mango will be better. The “you tiao” is abit extra.

6. Stir-fried fresh scallops with celery in xo sauce


Comment: The scallops were fresh and delicious and soft. Very good!!! 😀

7. Garoupa, deep fried with thai sauce


Comment: The chilli is too hot for poor me who can’t eat chilli at all and I got choked by the chilli bits till my eyes were teary. We changed it to garoupa steamed with supreme black sauce.

8. Braised ee-fu noodles with crabmeat and chives


Comment: By now, my stomach was very bloated and I couldn’t eat anymore. Okie, can we ta-bao back?…we only asked for half-a-bowl serving of noodles but to me, still alot. Later must walk home lor.

9. Chilled sweetcorn with water chestnut




?Comment: Am I eatting starch or what? Very viscous…but I like to bite the crunchy chestnut bits. We change the dish to Yam Paste with ginko nuts.

The food tasting lasted for about 2 hours and it was very fulfilling for the mind and the stomach. Really enjoyed the companion and thank you to both parents, relatives and friends who came. We had a great time!!! Now, time to sleep!!!



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