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Preparing for your wedding day

Preparing for my wedding day is a long journey ahead. Wedding preparation is like a big project with milestones and datelines to meet. Failing to meet them is awaiting disaster to happen. Pebbles will accumulate into boulders. It is a roller-coaster ride. It can be tedious with lots of work to do and dates to remember. But it is definitely fun because I’m planning with my spouse-to-be.?My wedding day is in December 2006. I have started preparing for my wedding since December 2005. It started off from buying that diamond ring for proposal till meeting the new hotel sales coordinator (because the previous quitted due to “some” reason).?

The reason why I started this site is mainly because I want to blog my wedding preparation experiences to share with you. Doesn’t really matter you are going to start planning or in the midst of your planning, I hope this wedding web site will be informative for you. When I was the beginning phase, I was clueless too. I started to ask around my friends who were planning their weddings too, but most of them were clueless too. I ended up asking my friends who were married. I’m grateful to the many tips and advices they gave me on wedding, from taking note of the nitty gritty details to how to handle persistent sales person who wants to sell you their most expensive package.

To tell you frankly, how I wish I can share with you whatever I have learnt about wedding-planning on this blog within one posting. My sense is as bloggers and readers, we have to be patient. I will consistently add on to the postings every day. Too many info can be an avalanche that may overwhelm us. Simply to start off, in general there are some major tasks to be done.

1. Firstly, you got to decide whether you are going to have your solemnization on the same day as the wedding dinner. If yes, is it held together in the same venue?. If no, when are the two different dates and where are the venues?

2. Next, you have to decide whether you prefer to have a wedding lunch or dinner. If yes to any of this, do ask yourself if you want to have a sit-down style or buffet style. And what is your budget?

3. Where would you want to hold your wedding? Some prefer solemnization in some church (depending on your preference). Some would prefer to do it at home. As for the wedding lunch, would it be in a restaurant or a hotel’s ballroom or even in a park or zoo.

4. Once decided, surf the net for the contacts of the preferred venues. Let’s take for example you prefer a ballroom. Look for the contact number of the banquet of the hotel. Make appointment with the banquet coordinator to view the venue. Sometimes, web site’s pictures can be deceitful. Ha ha…Better still, arrange for a time when there is an actual wedding going on. I shall tell you more about things to observe in my future posting. Do look out for it. 😀

5. After sourcing for at least 4 to 5 hotels, you will need to do some research on the different wedding studios. There are plenty of them. Do look out for exhibitions when there will be more freebies thrown in the package.

I’m not sure if the info is over-whelming for you. As I have shared with you, it is a mega-project. Much bigger than any project you have taken up in your entire life. It is tough to go through all these alone, especially when either of the paries are working or can be busy. I see it as a partnership between the couples. Enjoy the process and go through them together, supporting each other at times. For me, what really matters is that you and your partner must always be open to communication in order to understand each other’s expectations, whether hidden or not. Remember no assumption. I shall talk more about mind-set next time. Not to worry. This blog will have enough info for you to know the wedding-planning process. 😀

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