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More on preparing for wedding day

One day has passed. It only means one day nearer to my wedding day. Continuing from the previous post, there are still more to tell you.
6. Exhibition on wedding gowns and packages are plenty. There may be smaller scale exhibitions in shopping centres such as Marina Square. Or they may be bigger ones in Expo or Suntec City. Or you may want to drop by Tanjong Pagar. I have never been there but I heard that there is a long stretch of road where all the popular wedding studios lined.
7. After settling on one studio, decide on what package you want. They can be the most basic ones costing about $3.3K to very expensive ones costing at least $10K. The rule of the thumb is work within your budget. It could be very tempting to want to get the more expensive ones after the sales person showed you all the very well-taken photographs of wedding couples. It is always better if you and your spouse-to-be can discuss your expectation before you set into the studio.
8.After selecting the package, the sales coordinator will fix a date for trying the wedding gowns. This may last for about 2 to 3 days. Prepare to spend the whole day trying for ladies. ONLY choose those that you really like. My fiancee’s friend has an interesting rule to choose gowns: she siad when you first see yourself in the mirror, there must be this “WOW” in your mind. :p For guys, it is easy. I just took 1/2 hour to try my tuxedo and a suit and get my trouser’s measurement done.
9. The next visit to the studio will be the day the couples tried the altered gowns and suit. This may take 1 to 2 hours. Then, the sales coordinator will fix another date for photo-taking (both indoor and outdoor). If you are working, remember to apply a whole-day leave. My photo-taking started at 9.30am and ended at the same time at night.
10. A few weeks later, the studio will contact you to view the photos and to choose those that you want for your album. At this point in time, I have already reached this stage. I will be collecting my albums only in end of October. Wow…very long!!! Can’t really wait to see them. 🙂

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