From newly-weds to parents of three girls

I have not updated this blog for so long, and so many changes have happened since.

I married my beautiful wife more than 10 years ago and we now have 3 beautiful daughters. 

The journey I’ve had with my wife is nothing short of amazing. From newly-weds, we ended up finding out we were expecting our first daughter. My wish of being a stay-at-home father was coming true. I could now work and take care of my first girl at the same time.

Somewhere along the line, we also birthed another brainchild of mine – my Math coaching center called Learning Out Of The Box where my team and I now coach primary school students in preparation for their Math exams as well as PSLE Math.

Part of the reason why I opened this center was to fulfill a need that I saw many Singaporean parents faced. We struggle with keeping up with Math syllabus changes and teaching our children at home. I wanted to help parents like these – parents who didn’t like Math and primary school children who didn’t like Math. I wanted to turn the Math haters into Math lovers! Just like how I made my own first child love Math.

Since then, my wife and I have welcomed two more additions to our family. Our family is now a happy five-member team and I’m a proud father of all my daughters’ achievements.

One thing I have learned as a parent is that, no matter what result our children bring home from their exams, we have to recognise the effort that they put in. Many factors cause our children’s grades to drop or fluctuate. At the end of the day, it’s not so much about being top in the class, but being proud of them for putting in the effort and trying their best. We want our children to be good citizens with good values, not just children with good grades.

And this is what my coaches and I teach at Learning Out Of The Box too. There is so much pressure in achieving good grades that we forget to ask our children important questions like their likes and dislikes. 

Once, I was approached by a mother who was so upset with her child’s bad grades in Math. She wanted her child to score better marks in his Math exams. But I noticed her son was very hesitant to enter the classroom.

After getting to know him better and giving him time to adjust to the lessons, I finally sat down and asked him what he liked to do. He said he liked to play football. I paid attention to this and would use football as an example to teach him key Math concepts. He started enjoying the class. Eventually, he opened up to say that he was scared of Math because his previous tutor would scold him for the slightest mistake.

Wedding Traditions In Mexico

Almost every engaged couple dreams of having a wedding full of traditions and deep meaning. In order to accomplish this desire, many couples have adopted wedding traditions from their own ancestral celebrations or from other cultures.

Customs and traditions from Mexico or Latin America have become very popular in the U.S.A. and several other countries because of the deep symbolism and beauty of weddings from south of the border.
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Unity Candle Ceremony For Weddings

from nickwheeleroz

Candles have become a popular part of modern wedding ceremonies, with the most popular being the Unity Candle rite. The Unity ceremony cannot be traced back to ancient traditions and is not a part of any religious tradition that can be pinpointed.
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What to Wear Under There on Your Wedding Day

Now that you’ve figured out the expenses, selected the wedding favors, ordered the invitations and of course – found the perfect wedding gown, it’s time to consider what bridal lingerie to wear underneath. If you are like many, you may have overlooked or completely forgot to consider what may be one of the most important pieces of your wedding day attire.

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Wedding Expenses? Who Pays For What?


Once you decide to get married and have a date set, the next big task is creating a reasonable budget for the big day. One of the early decisions will have to be the type of wedding you want: formal, informal, etc. Traditionally the bride’s father paid for everything, but that task is now being shared by both sets of families or the bride and groom alone, if they have money of their own. The rigid, traditional lines have disappeared.

Family members and friends with specific skills might contribute to the wedding ceremony by making the bride’s wedding dress or baking and decorating the wedding cake. Another with a very green thumb might create the flower arrangements or the bride’s bouquet. Weddings are happy occasions in most families and relatives and friends would be happy to be a real participant in the event.
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