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The Perfect Wedding Speech

wedding ceremony

The Willow

The willow is simply a magnificent tree,
hang on, I don?t want to make this too elegant, too terse,
but then again, I don?t think I can resist the opportunity,
so can you stand just a little more of Jesson verse?

Now, I?m sure I?ll come back to the willow later,
and what I say then, might touch your heart,
but before we get to that, I?ve some thoughts,
now, where on Earth can I possibly start?

I guess I?ll start at the very beginning,
because Mum, you?ve always been there for me,
and I just wanted to say thank you, I love you very much,
you?ve made my world a better place to be.

Now, of course, I must mention my two brothers,
don?t worry, I haven?t forgotten you Jill, I mean wife,
but Ian and Paul, traditionally, you?ve been the best men today,
and just for the record, you?ve been the best men in my life.

Now, I?ve always known Jill to be a remarkable woman,
but she?s put this wedding together, without a pause,
so, ladies and gentlemen, I?m sure you?ll agree with me,
she deserves a massive, heartfelt round of applause.

But I also know she?s had a team of miracle workers,
and in truth, there?s just too many to individually list,
just know that there?s not one thought, gesture or action,
well, just know that there?s not one that?s been missed.

And I know that today wouldn?t have happened without you,
and I think those are words that everybody understands,
so, miracle workers, I?d like to applaud you,
once again, please put together those grateful hands.
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Our Song Of Love – by Susan Crowe

Contributed by Susan Crowe:

“I have heard it said that /””Poetry is the language of love!”/

The work of past poets are often sought after for their romantic poetic styles be it Pablo Neruda’s love poems, William Shakespeare’s sonnets, or E.E. Cummings’ free verse. Poetry even dates back to the Bible as evidenced in books such as the Psalms and Song of Solomon.

Many romanticists (such as myself) write poetry from their own personal experiences while most of us have at least one book of poetry in our library. Poetry has a way of settling our soul or setting our heart ablaze, the means to stir or break us, to comfort or isolate us.

Often, we struggle for just one word to share with someone dear, to find a verse or line to convey our heart’s message so we seek out a poem or book of poems or give a card laced with poetry. The impact a poem can make is absolutely phenomenal. It can be delivered with such simplicity yet make the most profound impact.

If you are looking for a unique gift be it friendship, dating, engagement, wedding, or anniversary why not give the gift of poetry! By imparting the gift of a poem, you are sharing the gift of love. In closing, I will leave you with this love poem composed for a client’s wedding day:

loving the love


Love is the verse of our constant song,
an endless dance of hearts that belong,
the rhythm, the rhyme of each note so sweet,
the passion, the magic in each single beat.

This day is our token of true romance found,
a time to make merry as love doth abound,
in blessings, vows, and promise of bliss,
today we seal fate with rings and our kiss.

May God be the heart of life that we share,
to grant us the splendor of happiness rare
and may we discover joys bright as the sun
while sweet dreams caress us when day is all done.

Copyright ? Susan Crowe – https://MaLadysPoetry.com

wedding postcard
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A Wedding Speech Example

This is a speech contribution from a friend, Amy who owns a poem website called www.Poemstogo.tv

bride angel eye

What can I say about Melissa? She’s my dearest friend in the world.
We’ve been best friends for 15 years and I love her like a sister?
like a best friend.

I’ll never forget the way we met. It was during our first year at college?at the University of West Florida, in Pensacola. We were
rushing the same sorority. Actually, I didn’t meet Melissa first. I met a friend of hers, Missy. Missy was talking a blue streak?and
bragging about a friend of hers named Melissa. I sat there listening to Missy?thinking ?Wow, this girl must really be great.!?

Well, later that night Melissa came into our room and wham-o! I could tell right away what Missy was talking about. I’m not kidding when I say that Melissa exuded a certain kind of glow. She really had something special about her?a presence or something. Whatever it was, it could light up a room ? and it made you want to be near her. Later that night all three of us, Melissa, Missy and I, went out?and we have been inseparable ever since.

Melissa and I made it into that sorority and we lived close to each other in the sorority dorms. A short while after that, we moved into an apartment together. Later on, Melissa decided to transfer to Florida State in Tallahassee. I couldn’t bear to be without her so I transferred, too. Well, we both hated FSU so guess what? We transferred BACK to Pensacola.

The most important thing was to be together. But finally we HAD to split up. Melissa went on to Orlando and received her Master’s in Physical Therapy. I found myself in Birmingham where I earned a doctorate in pharmacy. We maintained a long distance relationship until three years ago when, to my joy, Melissa moved to Birmingham, too!
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Maid of Honor

This is another poem contribution from a friend, Amy who owns a poem website called www.Poemstogo.tv


Titlle: Happy Wedding Day Liz

“Let champagne pour and glasses rise
Our Liz’s getting wed
She’ll no longer be Miss Cohen then
But Mrs. Goldstein instead

She chose me as Maid of Honor
(I guess turn about’s fair play)
But I guess I always knew
It would be me someday

Since back in Kindergarten
We’ve been best friends, of course
Ever since old Mrs. Baker
Made you be by force!

From morning calls to match our clothes
To dreaded marching band
Where you sort of, kind of, played the bells
While working on your tan
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Anniversary Poem

Just to post something light for this weekend, I want to share with you a poem.

This is poem in this post is a contribution from a friend, Amy who owns a poem website called www.Poemstogo.tv

wedding gift

In any case if you wish to present a wedding poem instead of a wedding speech as a gift, you can always go to this poem website for reference.

So here you go:

This is an example of a real life anniversary poem Amy created for a loving couple from their darling grand daughter.

Title: Happy 60th Grandma and Grandpa

“Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Grandma and Grandpa, all those days
Living and loving in your ways.
Gosh oh gee it?s really fine,
Look what?s coming November 2-9!

Anniversary day for this great pair,
A day for walking on the air.
Grandma and Grandpa, can it be?
A number north of?wow?sixty!

It caps a life, it begs a coda
To the golden duo of Sarasota.
So many years of wedded bliss
Just so great it?s come to this.

Still so young in all your ways,
Fun in life- – an ongoing phase.
And how about the way they flirt?
In love as ever ? so easy to assert.

And what a life, right at the core
They had daughters who number four.
Eleven grandkids bring up the rest
And four great-grandkids ? that?s the best!

Grandma and Grandpa, oh me oh my!
Luxuriating out on your lanai.
And lest we be accused of babble,
So nice the way you still play scrabble.
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