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Our Song Of Love – by Susan Crowe

Contributed by Susan Crowe:

“I have heard it said that /””Poetry is the language of love!”/

The work of past poets are often sought after for their romantic poetic styles be it Pablo Neruda’s love poems, William Shakespeare’s sonnets, or E.E. Cummings’ free verse. Poetry even dates back to the Bible as evidenced in books such as the Psalms and Song of Solomon.

Many romanticists (such as myself) write poetry from their own personal experiences while most of us have at least one book of poetry in our library. Poetry has a way of settling our soul or setting our heart ablaze, the means to stir or break us, to comfort or isolate us.

Often, we struggle for just one word to share with someone dear, to find a verse or line to convey our heart’s message so we seek out a poem or book of poems or give a card laced with poetry. The impact a poem can make is absolutely phenomenal. It can be delivered with such simplicity yet make the most profound impact.

If you are looking for a unique gift be it friendship, dating, engagement, wedding, or anniversary why not give the gift of poetry! By imparting the gift of a poem, you are sharing the gift of love. In closing, I will leave you with this love poem composed for a client’s wedding day:

loving the love


Love is the verse of our constant song,
an endless dance of hearts that belong,
the rhythm, the rhyme of each note so sweet,
the passion, the magic in each single beat.

This day is our token of true romance found,
a time to make merry as love doth abound,
in blessings, vows, and promise of bliss,
today we seal fate with rings and our kiss.

May God be the heart of life that we share,
to grant us the splendor of happiness rare
and may we discover joys bright as the sun
while sweet dreams caress us when day is all done.

Copyright ? Susan Crowe – https://MaLadysPoetry.com

wedding postcard
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