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Maid of Honor

This is another poem contribution from a friend, Amy who owns a poem website called www.Poemstogo.tv


Titlle: Happy Wedding Day Liz

“Let champagne pour and glasses rise
Our Liz’s getting wed
She’ll no longer be Miss Cohen then
But Mrs. Goldstein instead

She chose me as Maid of Honor
(I guess turn about’s fair play)
But I guess I always knew
It would be me someday

Since back in Kindergarten
We’ve been best friends, of course
Ever since old Mrs. Baker
Made you be by force!

From morning calls to match our clothes
To dreaded marching band
Where you sort of, kind of, played the bells
While working on your tan

We cheered our way through high school
You’d always be my base
And secretly I’d always fear
You’d drop me on my face!

Yes Liz is a clumsy girl
This fact is hardly news
After all you’ve left a trail
Of a thousand broken shoes

One would have thought that learning tap
And gymnastics class
Would have her walking gracefully
Not tripping over grass

Luckily, you did survive
To attend dear BU
And to this day I don’t believe
That dorm room fit us two

We had our nights out on the town
Hardly stopping for a breather
Remember turning twenty-one?
Yeah, I don’t remember either!

We’ve spent full weekends shopping
Or just gossiping instead
Discussing every little thing
Like why you hate white bread

Through every great adventure
And in times that were so hard
You’ve always been right by me
To be my ‘bodyguard’

Though my looks were different
And others stepped aside
You saw beyond my blemishes
To who I was inside

You always understand me
I don’t even have to speak
You’ve always been my source of strength
In times when I am weak

So that’s why it’s an honor
For me to be your Maid
The support you’ve always given me
Is lovingly repaid

A toast to my dear Liz
It’s finally your day
Now just be careful not to trip
When tossing that bouquet!



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This poem is free to be distributed. Just remember to give credit back to Amy or you can contact her at amy@poemstogo.tv

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