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Ralph Mucci

I had the chance to interview their Ralph Mucci who is the executive producer and show host of the Wedding Planning Audiocast.

Here is the interview.

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site about?

As a professional cinematic videographer I’ve been involved in the wedding industry for over 30 years Through the course of those years I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of dealing with hundreds of professional wedding event specialists, professional photographers, wedding venue’s, and cake and floral specialists just to name to name a few. Currently our new wedding
planning resource guide website is one of the top leading websites for brides-to-be to obtain any type of wedding planning information.
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Wedding Cars Strike Back: 58 Cars You Can Have For Your Wedding

Wedding cars are common in our culture. Almost all wedding cars look the same.

That is a pity. Do they mean all wedding themes are the same?

Sadly, it is.

It would be nice to have these wedding cars which are creative and impressive.

In this post, we cover 58 interesting ideas for wedding cars.Not all of them are suitable for weddings but they have been used for weddings anyway. You may also want to check out wedding gowns as well to suit your wedding cars or the other way round.

wedding cars
1. photo from the sofa
someone use this car for his daughter’s wedding last summer. the coolest car on earth?

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Why Use A Wedding Planner To Organise Your Wedding Day

wedding glam
photo from GlamLive

This article is brought to you by David Thurston.

About the Author

David Thurston owns and writes for EssexWeddingServices.com – a regional wedding services website that lists a wide range of Essex based wedding services.

* * * * * *

With thousands of weddings occurring every single month in the UK, and average wedding day costs well into 5 figure sums, surely there is the need for professional wedding planners to help organise your wedding day, isn’t there?

Surely the bride wants to plan her wedding day herself, right down to the very last kiss goodbye at the end of the night? We look at whether to plan your own wedding day, or just sit back and let someone else take the stress.

Planning your own wedding

Some brides have been planning their wedding day from the first time they were a bridesmaid aged 6! Others start planning minutes after the proposal! I even know someone who went out and bought her wedding dress the morning after the proposal, but why not?
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Wedding Biggest Headache! 6 Stress Free Tips For Your New House!

moving house
photo from bombadil

Do you think what is the biggest headache you can get from your wedding?

Yes! Your new house!

Initially you are very excited about moving into your new house with your newly bought rugs But you never realise the torrents of problems that are crushing you, in addition to the many other problems from planning your wedding alone.

Back to the house, there are many problems from moving the house and the furniture, cleaning the new house, getting new furniture, arranging the new furniture and preparing your new house for your wedding day.

In this post, I reveal 6 stress free tips to keep your sanity and still remain a happy bride.
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Personal Loan

Personal Loan
photo from matsgull

Your wedding is in a month’s time and you are short of US$15,000 for some immediate payments.

What can you do?

You can call off your wedding…(just joking)

You can borrow from your family members or swipe your credit card dry or rob the bank.

I don’t think the third option of robbing bank is a good idea but this other idea could be your life-saver.

A personal loan.
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