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10 Hot Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry!

wedding jewelry
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Looking high and low for your wedding jewelry? After reading this post, you will feel better and at least more equipped than the sales person who will be attending to you at the jewelry shop.

In local Chinese custom, the mother-in-law has to buy “Si Dian Jin” for the bride. Si Dian Jin in Mandarin means 4 pieces of gold. In modern times, gold is not necessary as modern brides find gold to be old fashion.

In this post, I will show you 10 tips you need to know on choosing your wedding jewelry. There are times you could be buying for yourself or buying for someone else as a wedding gifts.

The principles are the same whether you are buying a wedding jewelry or a fathers day jewelry.

Choosing the bridal jewelry:
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5 Tips When Choosing Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic Wedding Rings

Do you know the significance of celtic wedding rings? They are of continous design with no beginning or end.

It is in fact an Irish jewelry and it has the traditional Celtic symbolism and couples chooses such wedding rings to show their committment and love towards each other.

When it comes to the meaning of love, the ring symbolises eternal love and the marriage lasts for eternality.

If you are thinking of choosing Celtic wedding rings for your wedding, here are 5 tips you must know:

1. Choice of metal

There are 4 types of metal and they are silver, white gold, gold and platinum. Again, there is a combination of different metal and they are many types of patterns available.

Choosing a ring that is made of durable material is especially important for the groom’s ring and platinum is an ideal choice. They are more likely to damage their ring whilst working.
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Do Gold Fit Your Wedding Gown?

gold chains wedding
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As a man, I think in this life of mine, I have only bought 2 pieces of jewelry by myself.

And they are the wedding proposal ring and our wedding rings.

Beside these, there are others which my mother bought for my wife as a wedding gift for her.

Traditionally in Chinese wedding customs, this wedding gift can consist of gold chains or gold bracelets.

Especially, since my wife’s family is from Hong Kong, they are even more particular about jewelry that must be made of gold.

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What Does Buying Of Wedding Rings Mean To Me?

wedding rings couple
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Do you know what it takes for a guy to buy wedding rings or even proposal rings?

Pure gut and courage.

I have never bought a pair of rings alone, none other than the times I stepped into a jewelry shop with my mom when I was young and I spent most of the times spinning in circles while on their stools.

Now while recalling the times I went to buy a proposal ring for my wife, I was a nervous freak. I was also clueless of what to buy and where to buy and what to look out for.

I think I was then the most easily conned customer.

I brought along an army of my female colleagues. In fact only 2 but they provided a wealth of knowledge as their past times are shopping for jewelry.
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Celebrity Engagement Rings – Famous Wedding Jewelry

Everyday we hear about the up and down lives of celebrities. We want to know about their lifestyles and love-lives. We are intrigued by celebrity couples weddings and her engagement ring. Celebrities will always be major trend setters for jewelry.

Who can forget J.Lo’s 6 carat radiant cut pink diamond engagement ring. It’s part of a Hollywood trend that suggests “bigger is better”. Catherine Zeta-Jones said yes to a beautiful antique design, horizontal set marquise diamond ring. And socialite Paris Hilton’s received a huge 24 carat canary diamond ring, and also a large 15 carat emerald cut diamond ring.

There are many celebrity engagement rings incorporating the elegant design of antique rings. Like Reese Witherspoon’s antique 1920’s style 4.5 carat asscher cut diamond engagement ring. Prince Charles also offered an art deco antique style platinum emerald ring with baguette diamonds to Camilla Parker Bowles.

For some celebrities one diamond is not enough, choosing the three stone engagement ring. The stones representing the past, present and future. Guy Ritchie gave Madonna an exquisite three stone platinum diamond ring. Sharon Stone can also be seen wearing her lovely emerald cut three stone diamond ring.
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