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35 Awesome Wedding Hair Style Picture – Part 3

I went Googling for a few common keywords searched by brides for their wedding hairstyles and have come up with these search terms:

1. Classic Hair Wedding
2. Half Up Wedding Hair
3. Wedding Hair Style for Curly Hair
4. Wedding Hair Style for Long Curly Hair
5. Wedding Hair Style with Flower
6. Wedding Hair Short
7. Wedding Hair Jewelry

I also did cut and paste some lovely pictures from their websites and extracted their description of their hair styles whenever there is one.

You should always go back to the source websites to find out more about their wedding hairstyles for different hair type and length.

1. Classic Hair Wedding

Classic Maiden wedding hair style
classic hair wedding

For a vintage wedding theme this wedding hair style would fit nicely.

To complete look purchase a vintage hair clip and long earrings.

Classic Curls wedding hair style
classic hair wedding
from onewed.com

For a classical modern look perfect for any formal event this is the wedding hair style for you.

Beautiful trails of lightly twined curls drape the back making it a great hair style for a backless wedding dress.

2. Half Up Wedding Hair

half up wedding hair
from dcnearlyweds.com

half up wedding hair
from brisbanebridalhair.com.au

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35 Awesome Wedding Hair Style Picture – Part 2

For Part 2 for this “35 Awesome Wedding Hair Style Picture”, you will see pictures of wedding hair style of Jessica Simpson, 2007 latest trend, Indian Bride and African American.

So here you go:
1. Jessica Simpson Wedding Hair Picture

jessica simpson wedding hair picture
from glamforless.com

2. 2007 Hair Style Wedding

2007 hair style wedding

2007 hair style wedding
from knotforlife.com

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35 Awesome Wedding Hair Style Picture – Part 1

Here are some awesome wedding hair style pictures that you can consider for your own wedding hair style.

I shall break this into 5 part series and here are your first 7:

Celebrity wedding hair style picture:

1. Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd Wedding

Celebrity wedding hair style picture
from allstarz.hollywood.com

2. Lisa Marie Presley & Nicolas Cage Wedding

Celebrity wedding hair style picture
from elvispresleynews.com
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Great Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair (Part 1)

By Susan Bishop

Every bride must decide how she will wear her hair. Which can be easier said than done I know.

Besides you?ve been waiting for this day for a long time. So you deserve to look glamorous, don?t you?

Luckily long hair can be styled many ways – from formal to more casual. So when it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair you?ll find there are many options. Here are four.

Classic Swept Updo

Long Layered Cut

The French Twist

An Elegant Bun

For instance one good style for long hair is the classic swept up do. It can be a stunning hair style that suits almost any face. It will really complement any wedding dress too. Especially the long flowing type. The swept up do also looks great beneath the veil. And don?t forget the look of classic updos are always fashionable and they are real head-turners.
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3 Wedding Long Hairstyles and 3 Long Wedding Gowns

In Singapore with such a hot weather, I wonder why some women (and men) keep their hair long.

However, I know that as the wedding approaches, some ladies with short hairs see themselves as prettier with long hair.

For me, I feel that it doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair. What matter most is you must be absolutely comfortable in your wedding hairstyles, whichever you choose.

If you really want to grow your hair long, do remember to give ample time for your hair to grow.

Alternatively, you can use hair extensions.

If you have no experience of having long hair and want to give it a short, discuss with your professional hairstylist and explore all possibilities of hairstyles.

Keep an open mind.

You may want to do some research before going for your hairstyling.

Go to the internet and Google for example “long wedding hairstyles” and copy the pictures to Microsoft word document and print them out.

Alternatively, buy bridal magazines and check out those brides with long hair. Cut out those pictures you really love and show them to the hair-stylist.

Here are some long wedding hairstyles for your reference:

long wedding hairstyles
from brides.com

long wedding hairstyles
from movingmakeup.co.uk

long wedding hairstyles
from weddingmakeup.com

I know you have seen long wedding gowns before but nothing beat these.
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