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3 Wedding Long Hairstyles and 3 Long Wedding Gowns

In Singapore with such a hot weather, I wonder why some women (and men) keep their hair long.

However, I know that as the wedding approaches, some ladies with short hairs see themselves as prettier with long hair.

For me, I feel that it doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair. What matter most is you must be absolutely comfortable in your wedding hairstyles, whichever you choose.

If you really want to grow your hair long, do remember to give ample time for your hair to grow.

Alternatively, you can use hair extensions.

If you have no experience of having long hair and want to give it a short, discuss with your professional hairstylist and explore all possibilities of hairstyles.

Keep an open mind.

You may want to do some research before going for your hairstyling.

Go to the internet and Google for example “long wedding hairstyles” and copy the pictures to Microsoft word document and print them out.

Alternatively, buy bridal magazines and check out those brides with long hair. Cut out those pictures you really love and show them to the hair-stylist.

Here are some long wedding hairstyles for your reference:

long wedding hairstyles
from brides.com

long wedding hairstyles
from movingmakeup.co.uk

long wedding hairstyles
from weddingmakeup.com

I know you have seen long wedding gowns before but nothing beat these.

Long Wedding Gowns

long wedding gowns
from chinadaily.com.cn

long wedding gowns
from beijing-2008.org.cn

long wedding gowns
from mydress4less.com

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