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3 Helpful Hints For Buying Your Wedding Ring

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wedding bands

Wedding rings have always been the most important jewelry needed for a wedding.

No wedding ring equals to no wedding.

For most men, entering the jewlery shop or surfing jewlry websites before their wedding may be their first time buying an actual wedding ring.

From DanforthDiamond.com Learning Centre, I have learnt many helpful tips that are going to benefit both the men and women who are still deciding what kind of wedding rings to purchase.

Here are 3 Hints that are going to help you to make a wiser choice when choosing your wedding rings:

1. What is your budget?

The first question to ask yourself is how much you have set aside for your wedding ring.

From my experience, the first question that the sales-person will ask you is how much you are willing to spend on your wedding rings.

By giving the sales-person a range of your budget, it makes the whole shopping experience easier, meaning that the sales-person will be able to show you a number of wedding rings suiting your budget.

This saves you more time and makes it less confusing for you to choose what you like. Imagine choosing over just 5 wedding rings compared to choosing over 30 designs.

diamond wedding bands

2. What do both of you like?
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GoldenMine.com Wedding Ring

goldenmine gold wedding ring

Looking for an online shop for bridal jewelry? Confused by so many websites selling bridal jewelry?

Personally, I suggest you go to wholesaler and one of them is GoldenMine.com . It is an established jewelry wholesaler from Los Angeles’ Jewelry Mart.

Buying from wholesaler is a great idea so that you no need to pay for the retail and advertising fee. I bought my wedding rings from a local retail shop and I’m not sure how much of the purchase goes to the retail and advertising of its brand.

Now a little bit info on Chinese wedding customs. According to Chinese Customs, the groom’s family is required to purchased “Si Dian Jin” meaning 4 pieces of gold jewelry. They encompass the ear rings, necklance and bracelet.

I remember the variety of jelwery available in Singapore is really limited and I’m not really sure if shops really display “all” they have. Those in retail shops normally have their price chunked up by at least two times.

When you check out GoldenMine.com, you can find the jewelry nicely categorised into chains, braceltes, rings, necklaces, charms and diamonds.
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Danforth Diamond – Your Engagement Ring Experts

Danforth Diamond wedding ring

Engagement rings are one of the must-have items for your wedding. Without the rings, there won’t be any wedding.

Can you imagine a wedding ceremony without wedding rings?

This only shows the utmost importance of wedding rings and you must only get your wedding rings from reliable and trustworthy sources.

In Singapore, some may prefer to get from the local jewelry shops. However, I realise that with internet payment getting more hassle-free, more brides are getting their precious diamond rings from the the internet.

So how do you go about choosing the right online vendor?

There are so many online wedding rings vendors and how do you go about choosing one that provides real customer service though they may be thousands of miles from where you are staying.

I found a really interesting website named “Danforth Diamond“.

I love their mission statements which include educating the customers that diamonds are more than just stones.

I remember the first time I visited this jewelry shop with my wife. This salesman just took out the rings for us to see and really wanted to sell us the more expensive ones.

The next stop we made gave us a completely different experience. The salesman was more patient and was willing to understand our needs and budget.

Then, he only took out those wedding rings that he thought suit our needs. Again, he didn’t just say “buy” but he educated us on how to go about purchasing diamond rings and what to look out for before paying.

I’m really impressed by this salesman and guess who did I buy from eventually.
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Diamond Wedding Bands

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Diamond wedding bands are beautiful jewellery that symbolize integrity and love between husband and wife in their lifetime journey together. They also symbolize fidelity and commitment and wedding bands have evolved to one of the must-have items in the wedding shopping list.

For middle income consumers like myself, cost is one of the determining factors for the type of wedding bands I purchase. Reason being, most of our savings has been deployed to paying for the wedding dinner, bridal package and honeymoon.

Diamond Wedding Band
from abazias.com

During my very first visit to the jewellery shop, I was absolutely clueless of what to look for when choosing and buying wedding bands.

After visiting 5 jewellery shops within 2 hours, I realized the sales person always ask ? what our budget was and if we preferred yellow gold, white gold, platinum or a mixture of either gold with platinum or otherwise. Our answers to these questions would determine the type of wedding bands they showed us.

At present, it seemed that yellow gold has lost its popularity, in its? place, white gold and platinum are the preferred choices in today?s modern world. One of the reasons why platinum is favoured could be that platinum is harder than gold and is scratch-free.

If you shop long and hard enough, you may even come across some shops that offer life-time guarantee and allow for free exchange of bands for another new piece of the same price in the future. Of course, it may not necessarily be of the same design.

Diamond Wedding Band
from abazias.com

Personally, I feel there are a few factors that we men look out for in wedding bands:

The diamond wedding bands must be within our budget. We do not wish to over blow our budget just because of a moment of impulse.

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Wedding Band Engravings

Many wedding couples want to leave lovely plus romantic messages on their rings.
wedding ring engraving
from www.engagement-ring-guide.com

This is called engraving and there are tons of messages to choose from.

Some examples are

1. My Glorious Wife
2. My gentle lover
3. I love you, baby?
4. Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!
5. We are written in the stars.

For your info…here are another FEW HUNDREDS more….

Wedding Engraving 1

Wedding Engraving 2