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10 Hot Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry!

wedding jewelry
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Looking high and low for your wedding jewelry? After reading this post, you will feel better and at least more equipped than the sales person who will be attending to you at the jewelry shop.

In local Chinese custom, the mother-in-law has to buy “Si Dian Jin” for the bride. Si Dian Jin in Mandarin means 4 pieces of gold. In modern times, gold is not necessary as modern brides find gold to be old fashion.

In this post, I will show you 10 tips you need to know on choosing your wedding jewelry. There are times you could be buying for yourself or buying for someone else as a wedding gifts.

The principles are the same whether you are buying a wedding jewelry or a fathers day jewelry.

Choosing the bridal jewelry:
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What Does Buying Of Wedding Rings Mean To Me?

wedding rings couple
photo from starshine137

Do you know what it takes for a guy to buy wedding rings or even proposal rings?

Pure gut and courage.

I have never bought a pair of rings alone, none other than the times I stepped into a jewelry shop with my mom when I was young and I spent most of the times spinning in circles while on their stools.

Now while recalling the times I went to buy a proposal ring for my wife, I was a nervous freak. I was also clueless of what to buy and where to buy and what to look out for.

I think I was then the most easily conned customer.

I brought along an army of my female colleagues. In fact only 2 but they provided a wealth of knowledge as their past times are shopping for jewelry.
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A Perfect Wedding Band

There is this girl who is married but has no signs to show her status. Physically. She?s not wearing her wedding band.

The reason? She can?t bear to see the ring being ?washed? and scratched. Therefore, the wedding band is relinquished to the closet.

There are many people who chose not to put their wedding bands on display for various reasons. For this one, well I don?t fall into such a league.

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Bridal Jewelry and Wedding Bands

diamond wedding band

Sparkling bridal jewelry is always worn to complement the outfit of the bride. They can be various necklaces, ear-rings or even head accessories.

However, one thing never changes is the wedding ring. Despite the many designs of wedding rings, the significance of it is still of high importance in a wedding ceremony.

Having wedding rings is a must and without it, there won’t be any wedding.

Whenever brides and grooms shop for their wedding rings, they can be initially confused of the various designs, brands and cuttings of the rings. In addition, the diamonds that come with the brides’ rings do come in different cut, clarity, carat and cost.

Again, the wedding rings that you really love may exceed your budget. So do take note of how much cash you have allocated for the wedding rings.

I personally believe it is up to your preference. I don’t really like the wedding band with diamond even though it can be quite an in thing nowadays that men like diamonds too, sometimes more than women.
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Celebrity Engagement Rings

By Beverly Maniago

catherine zeta jones wedding

Whether it?s an 10-carat marquise diamond such as the one worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones when she promised to wed Michael Douglas, or the 5-carat oval shaped ring in pave setting, such as the one given by Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes, celebrity engagement rings are as much a testament to the Hollywood glitz and glamour as any other piece of jewelry.

Just what exactly makes celebrity engagement rings so alluring? Other than the fact that they are glimpses into the intimate lives of larger-than-life individuals, their existence in this real, 3-D world we ordinary mortals live in makes us all believe that fairy tale endings might just be possible for us, too, after all. Celebrity engagement rings transcend the pomp and circumstance of Hollywood and strike at the very expression of real and enduring love. Or at least the illusion of it. Indeed, one can argue that celebrity engagement rings and this new breed of commercialism are responsible for the malaise that grips the present state of marriages, especially Hollywood ones. Still, these rings are no longer just Hollywood props. They are real, they?re right here and they don?t come at a cheap price.
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