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Going Insane Because of Your Wedding Stress?

I have heard of this saying that if you want to drive a woman crazy, all you need to do is to let her plan a wedding, preferably her own.

I think it is very true.

She will go insane because of the people around her incuding her parents, her fiance, her family and the people she has to work with.

1. How will her parents drive her insane?

If you are planning your wedding, you will know what I meant. Parents want the best for their daughter, but they didn’t know that they cause more harm.

Have you ever feel as if your parent, especially your mom is planning for her own wedding?

She would want you to wear certain color, especially red for the Chinese as it represents good fortune.

I remembered my mother-in-law wanted my wife to choose a bright red wedding gown and it looked so odd. Nowadays, youngsters like us want to choose contemporary color which suit our character and the current trend.

Can you imagine wearing your mom’s wedding gown now?
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Feeling Super Stressed Up While Planning Your Wedding?

stressful wedding planning

Being bombarded with 101 things to do for your wedding?

It sounds really common as almost all brides and grooms feel really stressful while planning their wedding.

I have heard of brides who can’t take the stress and ended up cancelling weddings.

Others were more fortunate in the sense things do work out at the end even though there are many nerve-wrecking moments while planning the weddings.

What are some of the common stress you could be facing?

Unrealistic expectations from your mother-in-law, insufficient money for your wedding, not being able to take time out to plan your wedding outside work, feeling unsupported from your husband-to-be…

the list goes on and on…

So what kind of stress are you facing now? You can write in the comment box below.

How much stress can I take?

My head is bulging. Imagine a ballon inflating in your head…i feel like this right now. i just had my test…totally demoralised…studied so hard and yet, i don’t think i did well. but i did my best.

now, im still learning to cope with my anxiety and stress level. sometimes, i wonder how much stress my body can take? work+studies+wedding+ some other things that only people around me can sense it…

?now, im just doing my best to cope and to really keep my mind blank sometimes, consciously…free from any thought and worries…i’m just like anybody…a normal person..trying to live my life the best i can…