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Choosing Wedding Shoes that Complement Your Gown

bridal shoes
from kenabree

Wedding shoes and wedding gowns are often bought on separate occasions.
The dress may be flawless, the shoes gorgeous, but they still may not be perfect together.

Here are some tips for ensuring that your wedding shoes are an ideal match for the wedding dress you’ll be wearing on the big day.

The Right Shoes for Your Wedding

Obviously, the type of wedding will affect your attire and directly influence your choice of footwear as well. An evening wedding and a glamorous gown will open the door for strappy evening sandals, while a garden themed or beach front wedding would be a fantastic excuse to break out beaded mules, wedges, or bridal flip flops as your bridal shoes.

Whites Will Vary
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Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favor

Cheap. It’s such a harsh sounding word … until you realize you’re about to put on a twenty thousand dollar party. Suddenly, the word “cheap” takes on a whole new meaning.

So, you want to follow the time-honored tradition of thanking your guests for coming with wedding favors ? but you don’t have a lot left over after paying the photographer, band, florist, etc? Well, we have a suggestion?candy. Who doesn?t love candy?

Guests love candy, because it is practical and delicious. You’ll love candy, because it makes for a not-only-cheap, but interesting edible wedding favor. Your choices can range from personalized candy wrappers to decorated cookie favors.
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5 Stylish Wedding Invitations! Vote for your Favorites!

Wedding Invitations
photo from aknacer

Wedding invitations are now available in an array of colors and designs.

It is as if they are customised for your preference, style and liking.

While looking for a sutiable wedding invitations, do allow yourself sufficient time to choose.

Make sure they suit your personal style and your wedding theme. Spend time looking through bridal magazines and wedding invitation websites. Yes, it may be time-consuming but it will allow you to choose the best wedding invitations.

Also check for misspellings and get a third party to proof-read for you. They amy be able to tell you how they find the writings. Allow time for reprinting just in case there is any error.

Wedding invitations set the tone of your wedding. It is the first thing that your guests see and feel prior to attending your wedding.

So make sure you do your research right!

If you have a tight buget, you can check out on these money-saving tips.

Here are 5 samples I personally like. (If these are not enough, visit websites which sell wedding invitations.)

Number 1:

Thank You Cards

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King Of Wedding Favors – 5 Tips To Hunt For Them

wedding favors
photo from giginbigred

There are many wedding favors shops to choose from. So how do you determine where you should get them from.

There is no restriction that you need to get them offline. Many people assumed that you need to get physical items from offline means.

With the evolution of internet, you can get back at the click of your finger.

Here are 5 tips you need to know if you are getting them off from the cyber shelf.

1. Credibility:

Lately, there are many fake sites in the net which only ask for payment but never deliver the goods. You have to take note if the site has a long history. There are many wedding favors with long history of being in business.

Brides will refer friends there and certainly any recommended site by your friend is worth your time taking a note.

2. Cost
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5 Important Tips You Need To Know About Silver Jewellery

debt elimination
photo from devin ho

Gold jewellery has been very popular for the past decades. But now, some brides are turning to silver jewellery to maytch their wedding gowns.

Now, silver jewellery is highly popular as modern brides go for the more contemporary look.

Are you thinking if you should consider silver jewellery?

If you are, do read on for 5 important tips on choosing one.
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