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Choosing Wedding Shoes that Complement Your Gown

bridal shoes
from kenabree

Wedding shoes and wedding gowns are often bought on separate occasions.
The dress may be flawless, the shoes gorgeous, but they still may not be perfect together.

Here are some tips for ensuring that your wedding shoes are an ideal match for the wedding dress you’ll be wearing on the big day.

The Right Shoes for Your Wedding

Obviously, the type of wedding will affect your attire and directly influence your choice of footwear as well. An evening wedding and a glamorous gown will open the door for strappy evening sandals, while a garden themed or beach front wedding would be a fantastic excuse to break out beaded mules, wedges, or bridal flip flops as your bridal shoes.

Whites Will Vary

All whites are not all created equal. When choosing your wedding shoes, be sure to take a swatch of fabric from your wedding dress, tea dress and evening gown. Many wedding gowns are offered in a confusing array of colors such as diamond white, off white, cream, ivory and champagne gold. The intensity of the color is also influenced by the fabric.

Dress Alterations

You will have approximately 3 to 4 fitting sessions before the final fitting. If you not ready with the purchase of the shoes, take along shoes in a height similar to the shoes you’ll be wearing at the wedding.

For final alterations, have your actual bridal shoes with you if possible. The hem of your dress will be determined by the shoes you’ll be wearing, so it is essential to pick your heel height before the final fitting. A last minute change to shoes with lower heels could leave your gown too long.

Choosing Fabrics for Your Bridal Shoes

The bottom of your wedding dress can help you determine which fabric to choose for your bridal shoes.
Satin shoes work great with shiny fabrics, while crepe shoes would be smashing for dresses with a matte sheen. If your wedding dress is lace, of course, lacy shoes would be a perfect choice. Just be mindful that common materials used are tulle, organza, duchess satin, silk, taffeta, chiffon.

Styles That Will Complement Your Dress

Fancy Shoes For A Simple Dress;
or Simple Shoes With An Elaborate Gown.

Simple column skirts look fantastic paired with open toed heels.
Pouffy skirts look more elegant and formal with a pair of closed toed heels.

This rule of thumb can help take some of the confusion out of finding the right bridal shoes. By eliminating the need to match embellishments and detailing, the perfect match is more easily attained.

Details and Embellishments

If you do choose both shoes and a dress with embellishments, the details should coordinate. For example, rhinestone or crystals on your shoes will go well with bejeweled or shiny, sequined dresses; while beaded shoes will work nicely with pearled dresses.

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6 Responses to “Choosing Wedding Shoes that Complement Your Gown”

  1. 1
    jd@wedding photographer brighton Says:

    Great tips. My wife ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes for our wedding because she couldn’t decide on her favourite!

  2. 2
    One Source Talent Says:

    Finding the right pair of shoes is almost as hard as finding the dress!

  3. 3
    Susan Robal Says:

    You can have cheap shoes covered in the same material as your dress!! Poof matching shoes!

  4. 4
    shoe girl Says:

    I think that white or silver shoes are the best choice as they suit the occassion of wedding ceremony. Gold is too extravagant for wedding.

  5. 5
    Max@Dress Shoes Says:

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. The shoes you wear with a wedding dress tie the whole outfit together.

  6. 6
    White Havaianas Says:

    Thanks for the blog. Shoes are a really important part of the outfit, it you get it wrong the outfit is ruined.

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