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Wedding EBooks – A Day of Fun

wedding ebook cover
I was dabbling with an ebook cover generator and testing the limits of my artistic skills.

In fact, I love art but it was just that they stopped offering art as an examinable subject when I was in Secondary 3 (age 15).

So it was a long Sunday and I decided to make good use of my time.

So below were what I created in 2 hours throughout the hot afternoon of Singapore.

“P.S: These can be made into virtual wedding invitation card and be placed in your wedding site. Save money, doesn’t it? And save the trees. :-p
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My Baby Nephew is Back From Japan!

My cousin returned from Japan to attend her sister’s wedding on last Sunday. So the whole family came, together with her baby.

Playing with the baby is a stress relieving and fun thing to do. A gentle smile from the baby can drive all your worries away. This is what I found out while playing with him.

In fact in this afternoon, I was discussing with my mentor how to improve my Wedding Blog. The session lasted for 5 straight hours and I came to my cousin’s home with a pounding headache.

However, the moment I saw the baby, my headache amazingly disappeared.

So if you are experiencing lots of stress right now and may be having a headache now, take a look at the video below and I promise you that your headache will disappear.

My Cute Nephew from Japan Again

“Shun and His First Book”

“He Licks Everything”

“Play Time with Father”

Tracy and Bob’s Disney World Wedding Intro

This wedding video was done at Shades of Green Resort in Florida.

It was really amazing to see childhood cartoon figures at your wedding. I don’t see many guests around but I could sense gleams of joy and happiness throughout the whole video.

To me, the wedding couples were just like very happy children who have seen their idol, Mickey and Minnie Mouse at their wedding.