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Your Wedding

We?re launching a new feature today called ?Your Wedding? where we?ll get to know a little bit about the details of your wedding.

At your own comfort level, we?ll ask you to share various info like which bridal studios you?re using, which hotel you are holding your banquet, etc.
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3 Sales Techniques All Wedding Bridal Studio Have Used on You

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Do you know why you end up spending more than you should? Yes or no?

Because from the very start, the bridal studios, being commercial companies are out there to raise their profits and empty every cent out of your pocket if they can.

There are a few techniques that the sales team are trained to do and in fact trained to do very well.

1. Making you feel at ease

The sales team is out there to be your friend. Won’t you trust them more and believe more in what they recommend if they are your friends?

It is a sales technique of making you lower your resistance to accept their sales pitch. First they make you feel defenseless. Then, they strike and eat you up or to be precise, eat your money up. All of them!

2. Upselling

Thought you are just going to spend what you have initially planned? Nope, you are wrong. You are going to spend at least 1.5 times to 4 times more if you are not careful.
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7 Must-Know Before Confirming Your Bridal Studio!!!

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I have the luxury of knowing the boss of my bridal studio and this makes the difference in terms of treatment from their employees.

I have heard of unfair treatment of “ordinary” clients just because of the lower value of bridal package they have paid.

It is not easy to tolerate this kind of treatment. It is going to make you feel from uneasy to angry to frustrated and eventually to helpless.

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and things are supposedly to go along as plan. The professional bridal service providers are supposed to be professional enough to give the best customer service to any customer and at least treat them all equally.

These are all the assumptions before wedding planning. This is the kind of image portrayed by bridal magazines and tv commercials.

No one really knows that biasness still exist even between customers and bridal studio staff.

It literally means staff gives different service to different customers they are serving.

There are 7 pointers to take note even before signing on the dotted line:

1. Sales person is not the same as those coordinators who will eventually serve you.
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Wedding Preparation…At the Bridal Studio

I am always very amazed by how a package that is worth S$3,300 can shoot up to S$8,000 or even more!!!

This is when there is no communication and common understanding between the bride and groom.

It all started when my friend stepped into the bridal studio with her finance…

It was the day that they were going to choose their wedding photos for their wedding album.

** image removed as instructed **

Normally, though the album can only contain 26 pictures with only 26 poses, the photographer is smart enough to have taken at least 200 photos or much much more…


Here comes the reason…when the couple sat down and their coordinator “assisted” them in choosing the photos, the coordinator would identify who the decision maker was.

Let’s say the fiancee was the one and she could choose any photo that she loved and the fiance had absolutely no say…the coordinator would focus on the fiancee and “complimenting and praising” any photo that she picked up…every photo of her in her wedding dress looked fabulous!!!

This was to encourage her to want the photo to be part of the album.

Mind you….every addition photo add up another $80 to $100 more to the bill….of course, the coordinator would want his customers to buy more. From the final amount, he will get a certain percentage off from the total payment as commission.

Normally, couples won’t have discussed what their ceiling budget was and what their expectations were.
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Second Visit to Bridal Studio to Check out Edited Photos

Yesterday, we went to the bridal studio to check out the re-edited photos. Previously, we had made a trip down. We were not satisfied with 3 photos. Thus, changes have been made since then and it was time to see the re-edited version.

Our appointment was 7pm and we arrived promptly. However, there was another couple inside the computer room where the photographers edited the photos using Adobe Photoshop. We were told to wait outside the room and were told that it won’t take long, maybe 5 – 10 minutes.

We waited and waited….10 minutes went pass…another 10 minutes went passed. I looked at my watch, it was already 7.25pm. Luckily, there was a TV at the waiting area and we were able to keep oursleves occupied.

Not long later, it was 7.30pm. I think we had waited long enough. Half-an-hour past our appointment time. Even the most patient person needs to know why there was such a long delay.

I knocked at the door and went in.
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