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Second Visit to Bridal Studio to Check out Edited Photos

Yesterday, we went to the bridal studio to check out the re-edited photos. Previously, we had made a trip down. We were not satisfied with 3 photos. Thus, changes have been made since then and it was time to see the re-edited version.

Our appointment was 7pm and we arrived promptly. However, there was another couple inside the computer room where the photographers edited the photos using Adobe Photoshop. We were told to wait outside the room and were told that it won’t take long, maybe 5 – 10 minutes.

We waited and waited….10 minutes went pass…another 10 minutes went passed. I looked at my watch, it was already 7.25pm. Luckily, there was a TV at the waiting area and we were able to keep oursleves occupied.

Not long later, it was 7.30pm. I think we had waited long enough. Half-an-hour past our appointment time. Even the most patient person needs to know why there was such a long delay.

I knocked at the door and went in.

I: Hey, I’m wondering how much longer will it take? I need to rush off to somewhere.
P(Photographer): Sorry, a while longer. They (the other couple) are still choosing.
I: Yes, I know. It is already 7.30pm and our appointment is 7pm. I need to go off now.
P: Sorry. can’t be help.
I: I just need a minute or two to look at the 3 edited photos. If it is ok, they (the couple in the room) can carry on. (abit pissed)
P: Really, sorry. This couple’s appointment is at 6pm but they came at 7pm. Really sorry…(pause) let me see what I can do.
I: Ok…call me soon. (I left the room)

I waited for another 10 more minutes…sigh….soon=10 mins??!!!

It was a long wait and by that the time, the couple came out of the room, it was already 7.50pm. Remember our appointment was 7pm?…

It was definitely a long wait and the reason why I spoke loudly was not much for the photographer to hear, but for the couple. They were still choosing when the photographer opened the door and told them that we had waited for a long time. The couple didn’t even bother to look at us having heard what he said.

I was quite angry and I told the boss. The boss told me “Shhhhhh…not so loud. They can hear it.”

“Huh? We came on time and we had to rush to somewhere.” My volume getting louder and louder.

I’m wondering if I had not rushed them, do I need to wait till 8.30pm?

Finally, the couple left, without a word of apology for occupying the room for so long and for being late. “Haiz…never mind….”

When I went into the room, I empathised with the photographer.

I: Wow, you seem to have many customers. Looks like you are so busy. Have you eaten?
P: Not yet. It is ok. I will attend to you first. 🙂

It was a quick review of the photos and we took less than 5 minutes.
We had to sign this form stating that we had agree to the final edited version of all wedding photos and any future modification will incur further cost.

Alright…not much of big deal. So both of us signed, followed by the photographer.

Surprisingly, the photographer told us that he would see us out personally. Previously, he didn’t even bother. He just wanted to quickly pack and go home.

Behind my mind, I wondered is it the empathetic statment bring us closer. I think it might be, So the bottomline is: build relationship with the staff if you want to be served better. >.<

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2 Responses to “Second Visit to Bridal Studio to Check out Edited Photos”

  1. 1
    yich Says:

    Aiyo. Which shop is this? Did you post in any bridal forum to warn other people not to go to this shop when their turn comes?

    I did not get any studio phototography done but I got my ROM shots with Chris Ling Photography. I am glad I had a good experience out of them.

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    hmmm…the studio that im using lor….hmmm..not sure if it is a good idea to post the name le

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