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3 Sales Techniques All Wedding Bridal Studio Have Used on You

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Do you know why you end up spending more than you should? Yes or no?

Because from the very start, the bridal studios, being commercial companies are out there to raise their profits and empty every cent out of your pocket if they can.

There are a few techniques that the sales team are trained to do and in fact trained to do very well.

1. Making you feel at ease

The sales team is out there to be your friend. Won’t you trust them more and believe more in what they recommend if they are your friends?

It is a sales technique of making you lower your resistance to accept their sales pitch. First they make you feel defenseless. Then, they strike and eat you up or to be precise, eat your money up. All of them!

2. Upselling

Thought you are just going to spend what you have initially planned? Nope, you are wrong. You are going to spend at least 1.5 times to 4 times more if you are not careful.

Normally, after agreeing on a standard wedding package, the salesman will promote some other stuffs to you. For example, he will say “pay another $1000 to change an OTR (off the rack) gown to MTM (made to measure) gowns.”

He won’t stop here. He will add more value and he will throw in more freebies such as more wedding photographs, another 5R album or free use of the wedding car, depending on how much you are willing to top up.

3. Making you feel confused

Sometimes, we have no idea what is in the mind of a salesman. Sometimes, he makes you happy and other times he makes you feel anxious.

During the times he makes you happy, he will praise you of your handsome look or pretty face so as to encourage you to purchase more photos from them. Every addition of a 15R photo will add another S$80 to $100 to your credit card bill.

And there are times he has other hidden agenda. Remember the wedding photographers have been snapping away at your wedding indoor and outdoor shoots?

Even though you may be selecting only say 24 pieces, the wedding photographer would have shot say over one hundred of them.

The reason is to “hope” you will get more than 24 pieces or even buy all.

Yes, all 100 pieces. And many wedding couples have spent another $3000 just to collect back all the photos and the negatives. And the only word that the salesman says is that “he will throw them away if they are not purchased” and thus making it sound really pitiful to dispose your property.

So, the bottomline is to discuss with your spouse-to-be what is it both of you really want in the bridal package and how much budget both of you have.

Wedding planning may just last for at most two to three years. The journey of marriage is still long. So do remember to save up.

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