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Purple Wedding Gown

purple wedding gown

from serendipityprom.com

I think there are so many wedding gown designs available and not even one of them may suit you.

You got to understand that wedding gowns are designed from the perspective of the designers.

The designers have their pretty bridal models in front of them and based on their artistic gut feeling, they designed their ideal wedding gowns.

I suggest whenever any bride chooses her wedding gowns, she had to try with an open mind.

Perhaps you found a design you really like and you snip the page off from the wedding magazine and bring it along to the bridal studio during your first trying.

However, when you looked in the mirror, you realised that what you saw was not really what you had in mind.

Do try on a few more wedding gowns. Maybe another ten to fifteen pieces. Then, you will have a better idea what kind of wedding gown is suitable for you.

Here are some findings off Google Images on “purple wedding gowns”. Interestingly, there is not really many designs.

So here are the purple wedding gowns I found. Hope it is useful for some of you have have a purple wedding theme in mind.

purple wedding gown

from bridaldesign.co.nz

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Bridesmaids Dresses

turquoise wedding gown

from static.zoovy.com

I have a wedding-related email enquiry on what kind of bridesmaids dresses to wear.

This lady is about 1.57cm tall with fair/ yellowish skin tone with a weight of between 45 to 50kg.

Her sister-in-law is going to wear a turquoise evening dress and this reader is quite confused about what to wear during the wedding dinner.

I supposed this type of confusion is common among the many bridesmaids who are helping out. There are some who want to have a share of the limelight while others just want to help out.

I have come across bridesmaids who want to manipulate what to be worn on the wedding night. However, such cases are rare.

I went to Google search “turquoise wedding gown” and I have found some wedding photos. I am trying to understand how does one look like so that I can be clearer in what my reader wants.

So, these are the wedding gowns’ photos I found.

turquoise wedding gown

from links2love.com

turquoise wedding gown

from bridalstudio.co.nz

turquoise wedding gown

from cbslimited.com

I will be sharing based on what I know as a wedding blogger and I want to stress again that I am not an expert. I have some help from my readers who offer their experience and expertise.
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Wedding Gowns…how did you choose yours?

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There is a very wide range of wedding and evening gowns offered by Bridal Studios.

Brides to be are spoilt for choice of what to wear and choose.

There are many times that brides get really overwhelmed by the number of gowns they have to choose.

1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown, 1 tea-dress, 1 Chinese Kua are the norms of an ordinary pakage.

However, for brides who can afford to pay more, they may have up to 2 or even 4 wedding gowns and 3 evening gowns.

Some brides even order gowns from overseas and arranged to be delivered to Singapore.

I remembered I have one friend of mine is really rich and she could afford to get different items such as her shoes, gowns from European countries. These items were to be air-flown to Singapore.


Yes! Wedding is one in a life-time big event of one’s life. But it is just the beginning and for those brides who want more than what their budget allows, it is a wise decision to sit down and plan through how much they can spend on their gowns.

There are many times that an unwise decision was made in the spur of moment to get the gowns that they wanted to wear, and at the same time, they have blown their budgets.

So, one advice for ladies, as well as men out there, do include budgeting in the wedding planning and learn to do it together as it could benefit them by setting a foundation for them to learn to budget after their wedding…

and it is still a long long way to go…

wedding gown
from abeautifulbride.org

wedding gown
from pantilesbride.com

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How to Choose Your Wedding Gown?

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Many people emailed me, telling me that they are clueless of how to choose their wedding gowns.

When I first went to the Bridal Studio with my wife in February last year, we were clueless too.

For guys, it was really easy to choose. I just took 10 to 15 minutes to choose my suit and coat.

For ladies, my wife took 2 whole day to choose her gowns. The assistant who was also our studio coordinator took out at least 10 gowns for her to wear and she liked none of them. Gowns include wedding gown, evening gown plus tea dress and Chinese Kua

Her sister accompanied her on day one and her friends accompanied her on day 2. Her friend, who had some experience of helping her other gal friends to choose, told my wife that she must have this “WOW” when she looked at herself in the mirror.

wedding dress

She must literally fall in love with the gown and like it so much that she doesn’t want to take it down.

There were some occasions that certain gowns look terrific as an art piece but looked otherwise when on some body.

The coordinator was very patient assisting my wife during her trying and gave constructive remarks such as how she can look better or how they can add on some more beads and laces to make the gown look more glamourous, especially during our photoshoot in June 06.

As for husband’s feedback, I think it is also really important. We can honestly thell the ladies they don’t look good in some gowns. If they look fabulous in others, genuinely praise them and tell them that they look superd and gorgeous.

Husbands’ remarks and comments are improtant for wives’ reassurance and encouragement.

wedding gown

I have heard of situations that the husband finds it a waste of time to accompany the wife during the fitting. I’m not sure if you have heard of it or it had even occured to you.

Get them to accompany you and the process of gown-fitting can be so much pleasant and enjoyable.

Another useful tip is before gown-fitting, please cut out any pictures or photos of gowns with the prefered designs. Bring them for gown-fitting and show the coordinator and state your requirement. This can make finding the right gown for you so much easier and faster. >.<

wedding flower girl

One more thing – bring your wedding shoes along to see if they really match your gowns.