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Destination Wedding

Destination wedding to some exotic places could only be afforded by couples who have some spare cash to spare.

Normally, for a middle-income family like mine, we will go to normal places like Taiwan, Japan or Korea (South Korea) to be exact for our honey moon. And we will most probably spend a week or two over there following guided tour or on free and easy package.

The general spending of one person could be around S$4000.

Lately, I had seen some interesting posts by brides of other countries planning to go to wonderful places such as resorts or villas by the sea where they can relax after months of planning their wedding.

destination wedding
from wedlog.org

destination wedding
from excellent-romantic-vacations.com

In addition to having your honey moon at this far far away place, couples also hold their wedding ceremony there.
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Gifts from Seoul & Jeju, Korea

These are the gifts that we bought back from Korea. Enjoy watching >.<

Filtering my Honeymoon photos

I thought that I can blog on my wedding experience today. But I had spent the last 3 hours filtering my 2000 photos that I took in Korea. Now at 12.15am, I have selected 623 photos out of 630 photos.

So, I went through 3 stages: selection, filtering and screening…wow…

wondering anyone knows any places that provide cheap services for developing 623 photos.

I have found out outlets that develope at 20 cents per photo if you are developing over 100 photos…so anyone knows where I can develope for less than 20 cents…

Spent 1 WHOLE day unpacking our lugguages

Yesterday was Xmas eve and we started off our first day in our motherland unpacking our two gigantic lugguages.

Unpacking the dirty laundry, putting back all the toiletries, unused batteries and sorting all the gifts that we bought for friends, relatives as well as for ourselves.

Didn’t know that we started off at 10am in the morning and only finished unpacking at 6pm. When I look around me right now, there are still some loose items strewn around in different corners of my house, and not forgetting the clothes that are hung out to dry. (please don’t rain today; if not, my winter sweaters can’t dry.)

Below are all the things we have bought from Korea, Seoul and Jeju.

Though it was my second time back to Korea, this country has never failed to continue to amaze and intrigue me. A shopping paradise for ladies in deed and a beautiful place for an avid photographer to take photos.

Here are the cosmetic items that my wife bought from shops like “The Face Shop”, “Skin Food” & “Missha”.
There are also authentic ear-rings that I have never seen in Singapore. Not cheap though. At least S$50 for a pair…but I guessed it is the worksmanship that matches the price of the ear-rings.

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Now is 12.44am …and We are just back from Honey moon

We have just reached home from our 12 days Korea trip. It is our honey moon. One of the most unforgettable event that happened was we were trapped in heavy snowing (-4 degree celsius) with strong winds and we couldn’t get a cab back to our hotel. It was 2.45am in the street of Dongdameum.

I will blog more about my honey moon soon and so watch out for my blog. Meanwhile, all I need is a good rest…>.< good night