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Mortgage Loan For Newly Wed

mortgage loan
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One thing I always share with couples who want to get married is to start saving enough money right now.

The amount of savings should be enough to tide them over 1 year assuming both of them lose their jobs.

Wedding planning is an expensive business after all. And it sucks to see your hard-earned savings run dry till you don’t have a single cent left.

I really hope that all wedidng couples can plan their weddings happily and stress-free. It is not realistic of course but it can be done.

The next biggest headache is always the new dream house.

Yes, we have a new family soon and we are going to move into a new place.

Yes, you are right! I am going to talk about mortgage loan here.
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Getting A Car After Your Wedding?

wedding limo
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Naturally, a honeymoon comes after a wedding. What comes after that then?

Family obviously. Then, you also need a house for your family and when you have children, you need a car to ferry them around.

I would also love to have a car soon to drive my whole family around.

I have heard of a saying, when the car comes into the family, it will most of the time replace the number one position in the family (which used to belong to the wife).

So, since car becomes so important to the husband, the men, how do we make sure they get protected?

Human beings sign up for insurance plan to protect themselves from old age. Similarly, cars also need insurance to ensure they are fully covered from damages or accidents.

So the next question is: where do we men get the auto insurance quote?
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Embarking on a Building a Business After Marriage

My life at this moment, seemed to be going through a valley.

There are uphills and downhills. And there are 100 times more downhills than uphills.

Determined to do whatever it takes to provide a life slightly better for my wife and my mother, I have embarked on building my own business ever since last year 2006.

A year of blogging on wedding and 6 months of “wedding planning e-book” creation are certainly not easy to be jungled.

Yes, I have a full time job. And when I got home daily, I spent at least 6 hours on building my business.

So each day, I worked at least 18 hours.

It was not easy to move through the swamp of obstacles that have been laid in front of me.
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How To Manage Your House

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how to do housework

Okie, now you are newly-wed and you are really excited about your new home. Wow, 5 rooms and a big living room with a new suite of furniture that you are so proud of because you spent your entire year looking for it.

Now, your mommy is no longer staying with you and so who will be doing the housechores.

To make matters more complicated, your wife and you have never even swept the floor in your life before.

Some may exclaimed, “Let’s hire a maid.”

Not everyone can afford that especially now you have mountains of debts to pay after your wedding. Not forgetting that you still owe your mom US$25,000 for the splendid wedding you held in your dream wedding venue in your gorgeous Vera Wang’s designed wedding gown.

Oppps, you may had even spent US$2,000 just to decorate your wedding car.

So, having a domestic helper is not a solution.

For the first few days after you return from your honeymoon, it may be still be honeymoon period for both of you. However, with so much clothes to wash and iron, that is when conflict may arise if there is no settlement initially.

Traditionally, wifes should do all the housechores from cooking to ironing the clothes. However, times have changed and now there should be at least an even distribution of housework.

What about you wash the clothes and your husband iron them?
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