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Mortgage Loan For Newly Wed

mortgage loan
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One thing I always share with couples who want to get married is to start saving enough money right now.

The amount of savings should be enough to tide them over 1 year assuming both of them lose their jobs.

Wedding planning is an expensive business after all. And it sucks to see your hard-earned savings run dry till you don’t have a single cent left.

I really hope that all wedidng couples can plan their weddings happily and stress-free. It is not realistic of course but it can be done.

The next biggest headache is always the new dream house.

Yes, we have a new family soon and we are going to move into a new place.

Yes, you are right! I am going to talk about mortgage loan here.

I don’t really like our education system in Singapore because they don’t educate us on how to earn and keep our wealth.

They just prepare us enough to work for someone else for the rest of our lives.

This is terrible, isn’t it?

So, let me share with you some mortgage loan tips which I am able to find online.

You got to take note of the fees, points, rates and down payment.

Always negotiate to get the best deal you can.

The first offer is always the least attractive one and it is advisable to negotiate up till it is a win-win situation for both sides.

And give yourself more choices. Give yourself space to compare mortgage loan offers.

Go test it out and I wish you all the best in getting the best deal for your dream house.

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