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Wedding Invitations: A Crucial Part Of Your Big Day

Now that you have booked the hall, met with the official who will be marrying the two of you, and picked out your dress, it is time to prepare the wedding invitations.  Whether you order them from a professional stationery printer or print them at home, there are many factors that must be considered.  Many stationery shops can prepare your order in a week or less – but this should be confirmed when you place the order.

Essential information

The invitation sets the tone of the wedding.  Is it going to be formal and proper, or is a casual backyard affair?  The wording and the design will give your guests important guidance on how they should dress and what they should expect at your ceremony and reception.  There is specific wording in a formal announcement that sets out the names of the parents of each, the host and most importantly, the date, time and location.

Tactful wording

Some couples prefer not to have children at their wedding reception, due to the higher costs that can be incurred.  It is not proper to state phrases on your invites such as ‘Please, no children’. Instead, you would simply say something such as ‘Adult Reception to follow the ceremony’.

Budget options

There are many ways to save money with your wedding invitations; this includes using thermography instead of letterpress for the printing.  Thermography still gives the same look of letterpress, but is available at a fraction of the cost.  Many couples are using postcards for reply cards instead of having to fill out a reply card and stuff it into an envelope.

Careful planning

One very important thing to remember is that once you have your invitations assembled and stuffed, you should take it to the post office and have it weighed to ensure that you have the proper postage.  Nothing is worse than getting all of those invitations back in the mail, marked ‘insufficient postage’.  Take the time to hand address each envelope, and enlist family members or members of your wedding party to assist.

At times, people can be distracted or busy and may forget to write their names on the reply card before they send it back to you.  To avoid any confusion, add a small number to each reply card with a corresponding list of names so that if this happens, you will still know who sent you the card.

Timing it right

Although it can be exciting to get your wedding invitations into the mail, be sure that you do not send them more than 6 weeks ahead of time.  If you mail them out too early, people can put them aside and forget about them, leaving you anxiously awaiting replies.

Practical touches

If you are having your ceremony or your reception in a location difficult to find, be sure to include map sheets for your guests.  It is also a nice touch to contact a local hotel for any out of town guests and reserve a block of rooms for them.  You can add this information to the map sheet with the contact information of the hotel.  This will indeed come handy when your guest arrives.

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