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Wedding Invitations – Weddings on a Shoestring Budget

Bride & Groom have been trading since 2003 and bring you a wide variety of products and services that you will need for your big day. They offer personalised and affordable wedding invitations and stationary, whether you need Save the Date cards, menus or even an order of service.

Bride & Groom is a part of the Taylor Corporation, which is a company in the US. Since 2006, they have spread across to the UK by buying CCA Occasions so they can offer stationary and wedding invitations across the Atlantic.

The stationary are able to fit all budgets, whether you just have less than 100 dollars to spend on your items or whether you have thousands. They can also be created in a personalised way, which will suit your tastes and your wedding. You can give information about your theme and the designs will be made to fit that.

The cards are all finished with detail, ranging from traditional artwork designs in the corners to ribbons being placed on or around them. There are also packages to help you with the cost and the different types of cards that you will need. 2012 is set to see the introduction of designer cards, which will be made by Elizabeth Harvey Jones and Pear Tree.

A line was also introduced in 2011 called “Make Your Own Invitations”. This line includes a set of 50 invitations and 50 cards that are designed to be folded in varying colours from white to cream. So you get to design your own wedding invitations. Everything is blank, except for a few patterns and details, such as roses or hearts depending on the invitations chosen. This gives you the opportunity to add exactly what you want on the cards and in your own handwriting.

Bride & Groom do not just offer stationary and wedding invitations. There are also a variety of accessories available for purchase. Flower girl baskets and ring bearer cushions are among the hundreds of items available. There are also favour or cake boxes that can be personalised and excellent ideas for gifts for the bridesmaids, best man and even the ushers as a way of saying thank you for being a part of your big day.

Bride & Groom is currently sitting at number one for Wedding Invitations in the UK on Google searches and the brand is expected to grow throughout 2012. This is because they offer affordable wedding invitations and something for everyone. Brides and grooms are able to use the standard cards, wordings or fonts that the site offers or they can make their cards as personalised as possible. This is your big day and you have full control of what you want.

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