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Theme Weddings Ideas

Some engaged couples don’t want to have a traditional wedding; they want something a little different. Perhaps you don’t like to do what everyone else is doing… or you want your wedding to reflect your unique personalities and interests. Whatever the reason, theme weddings can be as different from traditional weddings as you want, and lots of fun too!

Here are a few theme wedding ideas:

Motorcycle Wedding
Invitations should be motorcycle-related and programs can feature a picture of the happy pair on their motorcycle.
Have a Harley Davidson cake topper on your cake.
Table decorations or party favors can be temporary biker tattoos, tire gauges, toy motorcycles tied with biker ribbon, biker-shaped chocolate, etc.
Wear leather motorcycle jackets over the white dress and in place of the tux jacket.
The wedding reception can be at your favorite biker bar.
The food can be more casual.
Leave the wedding or reception on a motorcycle – complete with a tin can train.
If you’re getting married in Las Vegas they have a total motorcycle wedding package!

Beach or Tropical Wedding
Use invitations with a sunset over the ocean background or in the shape of a beach ball or palm tree. There are many choices available.
Party favors can be small seashells and polished rocks, or leis. The table can be decorated with small fish bowls with sand and shells.
Have plenty of drink umbrellas available for the reception beverages.
Slip in several Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett, or IZ to the music line up.
The wedding cake can have tropical flowers on top, or even artfully carved tropical fruit.
Instead of the usual attire, the bridal party might wear tropical sun dresses and the men can wear matching (or not) tropical shirts. Appropriate footwear would be sandals.

Sports Wedding
Whether you participate in a sport or are ardent fans, choose your sport and you’ll find many props to go along with it.
Wedding cake toppers – They come in just about any sport you might want.
Include your team’s uniform by wearing it at the reception.
The reception decorations should be in your team’s colors including the tablecloths and napkins.
Try decorating the tables with a piece from your sport, such as an upside down small football helmet, filled with flowers.
Wedding favors can be posters, shot glasses, balls (such as tennis balls if your theme is tennis) or anything you can buy in bulk from your favorite fan shop.

Mardi Gras Wedding
Use colors that symbolize Mardi Gras – like green, gold, and purple in your reception decorations. Don’t forget the balloons and confetti too.
Even if the bride wears a white wedding gown, she can be playful and wear the symbolic beaded necklaces. The groom’s party can wear vests in Mardi Gras colors as part of their formal tux attire.
Masks for party favors would be a big hit, as well as bead necklaces and gold coins too.
Go all-out with the food and offer gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, or beignets.
For the music – New Orleans jazz, of course!

These are just a few ideas for themed weddings. There are as many themes as there are interests so choose whatever theme you want and start thinking creatively.

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