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Email Interview PlushPhotography.com.sg


I had the chance to interview Eadwine, the Wedding Photographer of Plush Photography.

Here is the email interview:

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site about?

Hi, I’m Eadwine and I’m a wedding photographer =). I started shooting weddings late 2004. After spending 2 years studying IT and giving up my masters in computing, I decided to pursue my passion for photography. Cliche I know but I kinda stumbled into Wedding photography and loved it since then.


My wedding site is about….. wedding photography?. Thru the 3 odd years I guess I’m in a constant learning process to bring out the best from couples on their big day. ‘ve learnt that making people look glamourous is easy, getting them comfortable and being themselves is the hard part. Nothing fake, keeping it simple.

2) I understand you have been in the wedding-related field for quite some time and is now successful. What do you think is the key factor to your success?

Success is a never ending journey, never stop learning. Some factors I’ve always learnt would be…

1) Never stop believing in yourself
2) Humility *theres always someone better*
3) Share openly and help others along the way
4) Have a wonderful group of peers in your industry
5) Always try to stay motivated at ALL times.


3) When you are working with couples, what is it that you are most proud of?

I’m most proud of my couples themselves. I’m very thankful and grateful that all my couples are very nice people to begin with. They love what I do and I enjoy being there on their wedding day. They give me the freedom to do what I do best.

4) What is the greatest challenge that you have faced while growing your wedding business?

When I started out, my greatest challenge was to, ask for help. Learning from other photographers opened a whole new dimension for me. I’ve learnt how to share openly and help other photographers as I progressed. Never be afraid to ask for help, never be afraid to share.


5) Currently, what is the one wedding tip you want to give to soon-to-wed couples?

hmm.. PLAN WELL. It’s your OWN wedding, you can never please everyone but yourselves. Oh, lastly, hire a good photographer to keep all the moments =)

6) What are some of the areas do you think wedding couples always overlook when planning their own weddings?

In our society, we’re used to everything being immediate. Wedding photography is not really one area where couples get immediate gratification, it takes time and its one thing you take back for the rest of your life.

Cheap and good doesn’t really apply…much while planning weddings.

Proper planning/ budgeting will save you alot of headaches later on. Set goals and timelines, delegate TASKS with the help of close friends and family.

Lastly, what may seems important to your relatives, parents, 3rd or 4th aunt.. *you get the point* may not necessarily be important to YOU as a couple. It is at the end of the day the couple’s wedding. Find out what is important to you and stick to it as much as possible on your big day.

7) Your final thought and advice for my wedding blog readers?

Pace yourselves in planning for the big day. A photographer’s job is to be there to capture the important moments, your job as a couple is to look good, have fun and have the time of your lives celebrating with your love ones.


That?s the end of the interview.

If you are contacting this wedding vendor, do say Romance Fire sent you.

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