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Email Interview TuckysPhotography.com

Tucky's Photography

I had the chance to interview founder of Tuckys Photography and his name is Tuck Hong.

Here is the email interview:

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site about?

I started photography 19 years ago. I still remembered the first time when I used my dad?s range finder, capturing my primary school graduation I was amazed with the outcome of the images as compared to what I actually see. I came to understand the alterrnative view point which I can present through my camera.

Tuckys Photography was established 6 years ago. We aimed at creating a demand for coffee-table books, which at that time was quite uncommon. The concept hit off well with the first few couples and the people started to realized that the layout and the usage of pictures are just as important as photography itself.

Wedding photography no longer is just about plain photography, its about the visual impact of the combination of colors, images and styles that makes the difference.

As you can see from our website, we are now moving towards more cinematic and thematic style. After 6 years in the bridal industry I get tired of the typical bridal style. I prefer to create images that are lively, vivid, yet capturing the characters of each couples. The website aims at showing our couples tat bridal photography has no boundaries, we have the passion and creativity to bring their concepts to life.

Tucky's Photography

2) I understand you have been in the wedding-related field for quite some time and is now successful. What do you think is the key factor to your success?

I think we are still far from success, though we are working hard towards it. Our works tend towards commercial side. Hence you can see the polished, glamour feel in the images. This photography style does not cater to the main stream bridal couples. But it definitely creates the need for unique wedding stories.

3) When you are working with couples, what is it that you are most proud of?

I am most proud of the concepts and creativity that I can inject into the images. They provide a tint of what they envision and I bring it through to ?reality? in the actual pictures

4) What is the greatest challenge that you have faced while growing your career?

Our greatest challenge is definitely to come up with fresh ideas every now and then. Sometimes there are so much shoot that we don’t even have time to really conceptualized for each couple. But we have rectified such situation and will try to give ourselves ample time in between shoots to generate new ideas.

Tucky's Photography

5) Currently, what is the one wedding tip you want to give to soon-to-wed couples?

They should look for photography styles they like and photographer they can work with. There is no point in following what their friends or their relatives did. But to look for photography styles that they can identify with and images that they will love looking at everyday.

6) What are some of the areas do you think wedding couples always overlook when planning their own weddings? (can be pertaining to your own field – in this case photography)

Plan the budget carefully. Find out what are the things that they are willing to spend on. Many couples spent money on stuff that they do not want. They are paying for these white elephants jus because its a norm to have it or rather ?every other couple they know get the same thing too?. They should channel their resources to items that are of more significance.

If wedding pictures is something that is important to them to commemorate their wedding, then yes they should prepare to spend more to get a better photographer or more images. If not, the money can be better spend in their houses or even their honeymoon.

Tucky's Photography

7) Your final thought and advice for my wedding blog readers?

It?s always worth it to put in a bit more effort and resources to get an album customized especially for you. Albums with unique concepts have a higher chance to withstand the test of time.

Tucky's Photography

That?s the end of the interview.

If you are contacting this wedding vendor, do say Romance Fire sent you.

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