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Every Mothers’ Night Mare: 10 Body Jewelry For Wedding!

Body Jewelry
photo from maryannemc

I’m sick of talking about the normal wedding jewelry like engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces and the likes.

How boring! Have you ever considered gold body jewelry for a change? Something that can give your mother night mare.

Body jewelry comes in different designs and patterns and can be even more exquisite than the normal wedding jewelry. Women wear them on different occassionsm including weddings to showcase their body beauty.

I will share with you 10 body jewelry that you can consider wearing for your wedding and there are piercing and non-piercing types.

1. Tongue piercing

There is an increasing trend in this jewelry as it gets more popular among teens and yooung adults. This type of jewelry is used by both genders and it is a signal of style which models love to show off. A precaution to note is to look for professional as tongue piercing takes time to heal and can cause problems. The advice is to always go to a reputable piercer that is well known in your local community. You can ask for recommendations and don’t simply pick one out from the directory without doing your homework first.

2. Nose piercing

This jewelry enhances the facial looks and they come in the form of rings or studs. One example is diamond nose rings. Body jewelry is available in gold, silver, titanium and diamond to name a few. While selecting the jewelry for nose piercing, always bear in mind the location of the piercing and select the jewelry which will fit your taste and preference.

3. Toe rings

This has now become a fashion statement; people love wearing it to enhance the beauty of their toes. Remember to make sure the size fits your toes comfortably.

4. Belly rings

These are rings worn on the belly, especially the navel and it is for ladies who love to flaunt their flat tummy. They come in the form of trendy belly button rings, belly dangles or animal belly rings. Now, there are definitely more variations in the market.

5. Ear rings

This ornament is one of the most easily accepted body jewelry. Almost all ladies (and now men) wear them everyday and everywhere. This type of body jewelry enhances the facial looks. The best way to choose earrings is to try them with your wedding gown. You want your earrings to be seen but you do not want them to be too overpowering. This applies to the other body jewelry you are wearing.

6. Nipple piercing

This is one of the most sensational forms of body jewelry. Women who are young adults or even teens too became more adventurous and the conservative form of dress gave way to dipping necklines as well as nipple piercing, which proved to be a great visual stimulus in the bedroom! What a way to spend the first wedding night!

7. Finger ring

It was mainly women that wore wedding bands but nowadays many men want to show their love and commitment by wearing a wedding ring as well. So, finger rings are the engagement rings and wedding rings which are a must for the wedding.

8. Armlets

Armlets are worn around the wrist, like bracelets and they come with abundant decorative jewels on the armlets.

9. Genital piercing

I seriously have no idea why some people love this trend and news reports suggest that customers go for buying it as clit or genital piercing without minding the pain it may cause during sexual interactions. Good luck to them on their wedding night!

10. Ankle bracelets

Anklet bracelets are accessories used to wear around the ankle. Anklets, similar to bracelets, are stylishly designed with small beads and a variety of other symbols like hearts and flowers and birds.


Ensure body piecring is done with care and under professional guidance. It is your wedding day after all and you won’t want any complications to cause you pain throughout your wedding day.

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    Sarah@SterlingSilverChains Says:

    These are some really great tips. One this I would add is that if you are on a super tight budget, buy fresh water pearls, rather than salt water pearls. They are much cheaper and look about the same.

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