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32 Fantastic Ways On Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Cake!

wedding cakes
photo from edwardolive

One of the most important elements of a wedding day is the wedding cake. The beauty of the cake is astonishing for all the guests, including for the youngest children.

Why should we consider the importance of the wedding cake?

We may say that the wedding cake is the main piece of your wedding reception. Also, it is one of the most admired elements of the wedding. It is actually meant to be the most attractive topper of your bridal ceremony.

There are indeed numerous elements to consider when you decide upon the right cake for your wedding. This is a very complex element with all the details that it must contain. Nonetheless, it is indeed worthy as the wedding cake is one of the key points of your wedding reception.

Here you will find 32 options of choosing the suitable cake for your wedding.

Research for the wedding cake

1. It is advisable to have a few well-built ideas to start with. You can search on a popular search engine like Google. You should use relevant keywords, like “wedding cakes? and if you want to narrow your search just use more specific keywords for your search, like “wedding cake with chocolate taste? or even “wedding cake bakeries in Paris (your hometown)?

2. You can check a special catalog for wedding cake designs but in fact you can choose what model you like best. If for example you saw the wedding cake of your favorite celebrity on TV you can search for a picture of it on the internet.

3. You can check the models provided by bridal magazines regarding wedding cakes. You can save all the pretty designs you find in a special file dedicated to this.

4. Ask people?s opinions regarding wedding cakes from their own experience, asking also about where they bought their own wedding cakes, how much they paid for these and other such relevant details like these.

wedding cakes
photo from cupcaketastic

5. All the bakeries specialized in wedding cakes have their own portofolios for presenting their most notable creations and that is why we may also consider the online presence of such bakeries with online portfolios. These searches will show you more about the capabilities of the bakery.

6. Once you have done your research you should make a list of the preferences regarding the wedding cake.

7. The next thing you have to do when choosing the right cake for your wedding is that of tasting the samples of more bakeries and not limit yourself to a single one. Different fillings, frosting and flavors are offered by each baker and you should choose the right combination of these elements for your own tastes. The most beautiful wedding cake is the one that is both beautiful and delicious.

Bakeries for wedding cakes

8. The next thing you got to do is meet with the bakeries and let them know about your research and preferences. We may consider the two types of appointments existing: one is for simply tasting the cake and the other is a real sit-down consultation.

9. When meeting for simply tasting the cake you can also test the other frosting variants offered by the bakery.

10. In the other type of consultation, the sit-down one, you can talk general details about the wedding cake with the bakers. There are many designers who will create a unique wedding cake for your exact preferences.

11. You should also make sure you have the references to other bakers as well. And you should also appeal to those other references that you have.

wedding cakes
photo from IrishPics

12. When you are choosing the right cake for your wedding you have to check several catalogues and also various cake shops to form a solid opinion about what you are going to order. Also, if you can afford it, you can also have your wedding cake personalized in function of the theme of your wedding.

The design of the wedding cake

14. The most notable thing that you will see is the actual design of your wedding cake. Nowadays, the great variety and interestingness of wedding cakes is really considerable.

15. The perfect wedding cake must vise all the important elements, from the personalities of the bride and groom to the very theme of the wedding. You are advised to choose a uniuqe design that would reflect your personality and character.

wedding cakes
photo from jenniferesperanza

16. The most important element that must be considered regarding a wedding cake is the exterior look and design. This is what amazes and attracts attention in the first place.

17. You must try to suit the theme of your wedding with your actual wedding cake. You must choose the one that would best suit the features of the wedding. Too much or too little color may be appropriate elements or not. However, it is up to you to do that and you must take into account all the other characteristics of your wedding when choosing it.

18. Regarding the importance of a wedding cake, we must take into account the beauty of such cake and also the taste that it has. The fact that the cake is delicious is combined with the original design that the cake should have. So make sure the flavors chosen will make a unique combination.

The taste of the bridal cake

19. You will be offered samples by most of the cake shops that you will appeal to and that is why you should capitalize upon this advantage. You should make some time and plan the right combination of flavors, colors, icing and fillings for your cake.

20. You should also try the flavors that are new to you. You should not be reluctant to new recipes or combinations, as the professional bakers have their fantastic ideas for the outstanding cake to be.

wedding cakes
photo from lecupcake

21. Moreover, you should also think of the cake itself. Try to make the right combination between the taste, the texture and the suitability for being eaten with the fork and the knife that the cake comes in contact with.

22. You must consider the great range of offers that most cake shops offer and that is why you can choose the right one that would suit your palate.

23. You must take note of the ingredients that the bakers use for the wedding cakes. You should also ask if it is possible to have different flavors on each tier of the cake. This is helpful if we take into consideration the arguments of most couples upon the matter of the flavor so this must be discussed with the fiancee in advance.

The color of the wedding cake

24. The traditional colors of wedding cakes are gradually losing popularity. White and ivory colors must now be replaced by the bright and vivid colors that reflect the actual personality of the bride and groom and of the wedding itself and its decor.

The topper of the wedding cake

25. Pick your favorite topping for your wedding cake. You must not choose the first one that catches your eye, as this is a matter of research as well. You should also consider receiving this as a gift from your friends or family.

The original wedding cake

26. You must not limit your options to the traditional ones, for example to the three tired cake. All the original variants of fresh flowers,stacked cakes, contemporary patterns and bright colors are gaining in popularity and represent reliable options that you can choose. You can also opt for adding unique details, such as cake toppers, beads or even charms to make your wedding cake more original.

wedding cakes
photo from gapey

27. You can also opt for a cupcake wedding cake in the place of the traditional, common cake. This variant will cost a lot cheaper than the classic cake as cupcakes are from 1.50 to 3.00 US to make and this will really be great for your budget.

28. You can also opt for the multiple cupcakes that would compose a really original large cake, both as taste and as design. This option allows you to choose more flavors and toppings and allows guests to pick the preferred parts of cake that they want.

How to make it cheaper

29. You can hire standard or even home bakers to prepare your wedding cake for your reception. These opportunities may be very reliable and also save you a great deal of money for the cake part.

30. You can also try to hire culinary students to prepare your cake for you. That is if you have any contacts with a culinary school near you. By doing this you can save a lot of money from your budget as it is a lot cheaper trying it.

Bear everything in mind while choosing your cake

31. We may consider that planning a wedding is not an easy thing to do. That is why we may also take into account the choice of the wedding cake as one of the most pleasant activities. However, you must not neglect all the other elements while tasting and enjoying the cake samples.

32. You must decide upon the right design for your cake in advance, long before your wedding party. You must avoid the rush before the wedding day by planning all the things in advance. You are advised to set up a wedding plan and stick to it so that you will not risk getting anything wrong for the big event.

wedding cakes
photo from tamdotcom

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