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Weddings for Laughs Part 3

I was browsing through the net and here are more interesting wedding news to share with you.

(For this wedding for laughs series, it was really interesting that part 2 wedding for laughs is so well-received.)

1. Men’s Ideal Wedding Gown?

sexy wedding


2. Love written in the ‘Stars’

starwars wedding

Couple turns passion for ‘Star Wars’ movies into fantasy wedding at AdventureCon


3. Nintendo – Nerd Wedding Afoot, Mii Invitations Abound

Nerds get married all the time. Nothing new there. But nerds getting married in style, well, that is something new. This is the invite that’s been sent out to friends and family of 4 Color Rebellion’s Vinnk. And it’s just great. Tasteful use of Miis in a formal ceremonial invitation and the joyous union of two crazy kids in love? Unprecedented.

wedding rings


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