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No Sweat. 17 Steps To Planning Your Perfect Beach Wedding.

beach wedding
photo from hustont2002

A beach wedding is sure to be different. It is a dream for most brides and a splendid magical moment to be in. There is something about getting married under the open blue skies with the sound of the gentle waves beating softly onto the soft sand in the background that is somehow very appealing and tempting. It can be real fun to plan a beach wedding, a totally unique experience compared to a normal wedding.

Here are 17 steps to help you in planning your perfect beach wedding.

Step 1:
Decide on a beach that is driving distance from you. It can be near to a beach resort or hotel too. Keep in mind that since the beach is an open venue, there is always a chance of it raining on the big day. Prepare for wet weather just in case. You can either have a tent put up on the beach to accommodate all your guests; or if you can reserve an indoor venue as a back-up.

Step 2:
If you are inviting a small number of guests, then you need not arrange for seating for them. Again, the choice is up to you. However, if you are expecting many guests or if you expect the ceremony to be a long one, then you need to make seating arrangements for them. Beach seating can be a very challenging affair as the legs of the chairs sink in the sand. To make seating and walking easier, rent flooring for your beach wedding. Flooring is quite easy to rent and can be withi your budget. It could be anything from simple carpet to parquet. Make sure your guests feel as comfortable as possible.

Step 3:
Choose a time and date for the wedding. Pay attention to the time that the sun rises or sets on the particular beach you chose. If you are not familiar with that, check with the staff of the beach resorts or any local staying at the beach. Try and schedule the wedding for early morning or in the evening so that you do not have to deal with the harsh hot sun. Can you imagine your guests feel really warm and perspiring while going through the wedding ceremony?

beach wedding
photo from fboholst

Step 4:
If you have tents, there can be fans installed too. In addition, have iced drinks circulated amongst the guests as this will help them stay cool and refreshed. Having small paper fans or even mini potable electric fans for your guests to use is also a good idea. The fans can be a favor too if you like.

Step 5:
Send wedding invitations about one month before the wedding if most guests can drive. Send wedding invitations about 4 to 6 months before the wedding if some guests will need to fly. As if you need to arrange transport to pick them up at the airport. If your guests are driving, make sure you find a carpark with sufficient parking slots near the wedding venue so the walking distance is comfortable and manageable. Put up signages to direct them to the exact spot. Arrange for ushers too if you have enough wedding helpers.

Step 6:
Having bug spray and sunscreen handy for the guests to use is good consideration for your wedding guests. Put them readily at the reception so that guests can use them if neccessary.

Step 7:
Set out to a department store of your choice and buy all the extras you might need; specific undergarments, wedding comb, shoes, stocking, and so on. Veils are difficult to wear on the beach because of the wind conditions. You can try to wear the veil if you prefer, but arrange it so that it’s removable if necessary.

Step 8:
Pick a hotel on that beachfront and reserve the time and day you chose. Prepare at least a year in advance. This is one of the first things you do because of the popularity. If you chose a morning wedding, you can see if the hotel provides a light morning buffet. This is for guests who rush to your wedding, having skipped their breakfast. There is usually a minimal fee for setup and breakdown of tables, chairs, and table cloths. Arrange for lunch buffet too after the wedding ceremony. You can get everything from the same vendor so that it is cheaper compared to from different sources.

beach wedding
photo from capelight

Step 9:
Develop your invitation list to know how many people you will be inviting. Be sure to reserve a block of rooms at the hotel that your friends and family can pay for. The function rooms can be appropriate for the lunch buffet too, a place where it is chilling and comfortable.

Step 10:
If you are having the wedding at a public beach; see that if you need to get special permit and see that if there is any public rules or regulations to be observed. Hiring a wedding service is great if you want to keep any curious onlookers on the beach away from your wedding site. In addition, try to stage the wedding in a slightly out-of-the-way spot. To make things easier for you, hire a reputable local wedding planner who is familiar with planning a beach wedding.

Step 11:
Consider having a sound system to broadcast your wedding, so guests can hear you exchange your vows. Sometimes, you need to be louder than the howling wind if it is really very windy.

Step 12:
If the beach doesn’t have restrooms, you’ll have to rent those as well. Have them placed near to your tent so that guests do not need to walk too far and miss your ceremony.

Step 13:
The bride should ideally dress in a nice and comfortable wedding dress that reflects a beach wedding. It is not possible to look graceful while walking in high heels on the soft sand. So wear flat shoes or the best idea would be not to wear any shoes at all!

beach wedding
photo from cameradawktor

Step 14:
Wind condition may be strong on your wedding day. A casual yet classy hair style is better than leaving your hair loose at a beach wedding.

Step 15:
Remember to have your wedding license handy to give to the person officiating the wedding. Get a marriage license. The qualifications to get a marriage license can differ per state or county. Make sure you check with the agency before you go to bring with you all the documentation you need. Check with your wedding planner if you have one.

Step 16:
Show up at the wedding and enjoy a beach wedding on a budget with guests at hand. You can immediately go for your honeymoon at the same place, without having to go anywhere else.

Step 17:
And most important of all have fun and cherish the memories of your beach wedding forever! It is a one a lifetime experience and just enjoy the beautiful process!

beach wedding
photo from noeluap

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    salt lake city doctors Says:

    Beach wedding or Garden wedding? I really cant decide!

  2. 2
    aruba beach weddings Says:

    i just love a beach wedding. It makes a wedding so beautiful.

  3. 3
    Lisa Says:

    Beach weddings are so romantic, and at some point it gives a erotic flavor in it. I definitely am going to have my one in this way.

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    Wedding Rentals Florida Says:

    I would say great and quite impressive steps given for planning successful beach wedding.

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    Healthcare Business Development Says:

    Great idea. It’s really perfect planning of beach wedding. It’s really cool and unique wedding function.

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    M Brand@Phuket Hotels Holiday Says:

    Nice practical tips for having a wedding at the beach. Phuket is a nice place for doing that! Noh?

  7. 7
    ros@beach vacations Says:

    dont forget to remind your guests that they can swim in the water too. maybe theyll think the occasion is too formal to enjoy swimming at the beach. 🙂

  8. 8
    Ros@beach vacations Says:

    make sure you remind your guests that they can bring beach clothes for them to enjoy the beach after the wedding and banquet. 🙂

  9. 9
    Donn@Hotels in Hawaii Says:

    Beautiful description! I am not really the romantic type and I never pictured getting married on the beach but the way you described each sense made me soft, I might reconsider the priorities for my wedding. I love Hawaii a lot so I think it would be a perfect fit.

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