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Archive for April, 2008

3 Low Cost Ways To Get Your Wedding Cars

rolls royce wedding car
photo from Kamera boy

Car is a necessity for your wedding and in our Chinese culture, the groom always come in the wedding car to fetch the bride early in the morning.

So travel in style in your wedding cars to fetch your princess.

There are 3 low cost ways to get your wedding cars and here they are.

1. Get your own car

You can get your own car for your wedding. Anyway, you need a car after your wedding. You become a chauffeur for your family for life.

I know you are going to say you have no money and I know you have already spent a big boom on your wedding. So you can always get loans such as auto loans.

There are many online websites which offer auto loans.

2. Bridal package
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Moving Houses : 3 Greatest Tips You Need To Know!

moving houses
photo from amataiclaudius

After marriage, there are many things to get adapted to.

There is new environment, new house, new “parents”, new life.

One of the biggest headaches is moving houses.

It is a chore to move your belongings from your parents’ house to your new house.

Personally, I have never moved houses before, but I certainly can feel the pain and trouble from my common friends who are shifting houses.

And here are 3 tips which you should know if you want to minimise the hassle.

1. Engage a Moving Company
Who says you need to get your hands dirty when moving houses?
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Email Interview WeddingChannel.com

Remember this wedding website, one of the Top 10 Wedding sites that you must read.

WeddingChannel.com top 10 wedding sites

I had the chance to interview their Senior Editor Christa Vagnozzi.

Here is the interview.

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site about?

About Christa Vagnozzi

Christa Vagnozzi

Christa Vagnozzi is the senior editor at WeddingChannel.com, the number one wedding and gift registry website, which reaches approximately one million engaged couples each year through WeddingChannel.com.

As senior editor, Christa is responsible for everything and anything to do with Real Weddings, from local affairs to destination weddings around the globe for WeddingChannel.com. She also works with the industry?s top event planners, florists, and cake bakers to provide the latest up-to-date trends and ideas for future brides and grooms.
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Ways To Save For Your House Renovations

new house
photo from sulsalamjen

When I was planning my wedding, I only thought that we only had to manage the wedding matters. Nothing else except wedding.

But now when I heard more weddings stories from close friends, I realised that I was very wrong.

I was the lucky few to move into my mom’s house after my wedding. For my other friends, they have the “luxury” of worrying about their new houses.

They have to move out as their old houses may be too small to acomodate a new family.

So when I was talking to them, I began to hear a similar pattern of grumbles whenever we touched on house renovations.

There seemed to be so much fine details and problems to handle from finding a new suite of furniture to the complete interior renovation of the new nest.

You need to buy your new king size bed for your new bedroom. You need to buy Area Rugs for your new living room. You need to get a new set of cabinets for your new kitchen.

There seem to be so much things to do and so much money to spend.
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Top 19 Most Sexy Wedding Pictures

sexy wedding pictures
photo from kitty pryde72

sexy wedding pictures
photo from [ Sole Krams ]

sexy wedding pictures
photo from darbig

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