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Bring Along Your SwimWear For Your Honeymoon!

honeymoon beach
photo from WeddingChaos

Are you planning for your honeymoon by the beach?

Well, you should plan your honeymoon in such a way that you sepnd at least a few days lazing in your one piece swimsuits and having a well-deserved rest by the beach and enjoying the cool wind breezing past your face.

I have been through 1 year of planning my wedding. It was really tiring. The millions of tasks you need to do and the thousands of fine details you need to take note.

It is not easy and it is certainly a sigh of relief on the night of your wedding day.

Finally it is all over and time to go for your honeymoon.

So how can you plan a romantic honeymoon by the beach?

First of all, you definitely need to bring your swimwear.

Then, prepare yourself to spend your whole day dazing by the beach.

I know of some good places such as the Hawaii Wailea beach or Pink Beach Harbour Island of the Bahamas.

Imagine yourself and your husband laying down on the fine-grained sand and by the swaying palms.

I think they have cottages too and this can create some private moments for both of you.

But don’t get too engrossed in such private moments that you forget to swim in your tankinis in the warm and gentle water. It is certainly a slow and relaxing lifestyle for that few moments.

There are fun water-sports activities such as windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking and waterskiing.

And if you are hungry, you can go for great food in alot of those gourmet restaurants by the beach resorts and you can expect the freshest fish since you are by the beach.

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One Response to “Bring Along Your SwimWear For Your Honeymoon!”

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    brin @ windsurfing lesson Says:

    I agree, you must have a exotic honeymoon. We loved our honeymoon in the Seychelles and especially loved the scuba and windsurfing. If you would like the perfect honeymoon choose a location like Hawaii that has the weather, the sea superb food and friendly people. You should get a good deal this year with travel companies offering great discounts?

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