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3 Mothers After Your Wedding?

mother and bride
photo from RiseFromObscurity

How many Mothers Day Gifts will you have after your wedding?

2 or 3?

I hear 4.

The answer is 3.

You have your own mother and another new mother-in-law.

Where does the third one come from?

When you become a father, you will know who is the mother.

BINGO! Your wife!

For me, my wife is now a mother. Not because we have children but she sometimes is like a mother taking really good care of me.

So, as you know Mothers Day is coming and you definitely need Mothers Day Gift.

Don’t forget to buy 3 because one of them may become jealous if you miss out her gift.

Ladies can remember things you didn’t do for life. It can be a popular dinner topic 10 years down the road. So to avoid this, you got to make sure you buy 3 gifts for these 3 mummies and you need to buy 3 different gifts.

If not, there will be questions shooting at your sincerity.

Hmmm, it can be a real challenge to manage women. It is a guy’s most difficult course for his whole life.

So, what will you be getting as Mother’s Day Gift?

Most probably flowers can help save your day. Of course, 3 different type of flowers.

For my wife, she loves hydragea (the purple little flowers). For my mother and mother-in-law, I would still need to scratch my head to decide what to buy for them.

The irony is that though they like your presents, they may, out of courtesy, express that it is a waste of money to buy Mothers Day Gift.

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One Response to “3 Mothers After Your Wedding?”

  1. 1
    Mothers Day Flowers Says:

    “The irony is that though they like your presents, they may, out of courtesy, express that it is a waste of money” I think it’s really cute when my Grandma says that because I can tell she’s just being nice. She knows I’m poor, but I know she’s secretly happy that I splurge for her!

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