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Archive for March, 2008

Do You Have Consolidate Debt After Your Wedding?

consolidate debt
photo from Mint Software

This post is for you if you are looking at consolidate debt after your wedding.

But before I tell you more, let me tell you a story.

A friend of mine got married last year and now, she is not a happy bride.

Let me see.

She owns the bank $15,000 and now she is driving, a car that was not paid in full.

And not forgetting she still owns her parents $30,000 for the wedding dinner.

And she paid her honeymoon to Europe on credits too and now she still owns 3 credit cards and she is still spending on a weekly basis for her retail therapy (also know as shopping frantically).

Oh yes! That is not all.
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Money Never Enough For Your Wedding

photo from wmliu

9 out of 10 brides have always grumbled that their money is never enough.

They are always looking forward to their next payday and the next and the next.

They have never known how to get more cash into your purse and knew nothing about loans such as parents’ loans, online payday loans and loans from the bank.

Me too, during that time while I was preparing my wedding.

If you have never planned your own wedding before, you can’t really understand the frustration that we have gone through.
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Protecting Your Marriage & Family After Wedding

husband protect wife
photo from pinklilyblossom’s

I was thinking really hard for the past two days.

Before marriage, we are accountable only for ourselves.

After marriage, we are accountable to everyone else.

As the husband, I really feel the stress. I wonder do you feel it?

Yes, I’m talk from the men’s perspective.

What if the husband is no longer around?

How will my family be affected?

I was looking through online to get more ideas about insurance.

In fact there are many from auto, home, life to health insurance.

Let’s explore abit on each part.
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Getting A Car After Your Wedding?

wedding limo
photo from Man in a bowler hat (Epzibah)…

Naturally, a honeymoon comes after a wedding. What comes after that then?

Family obviously. Then, you also need a house for your family and when you have children, you need a car to ferry them around.

I would also love to have a car soon to drive my whole family around.

I have heard of a saying, when the car comes into the family, it will most of the time replace the number one position in the family (which used to belong to the wife).

So, since car becomes so important to the husband, the men, how do we make sure they get protected?

Human beings sign up for insurance plan to protect themselves from old age. Similarly, cars also need insurance to ensure they are fully covered from damages or accidents.

So the next question is: where do we men get the auto insurance quote?
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Credit Cards For Your Weddings

wedding money
photo from duane a

Money money money!

Who doesn’t need money? Especially it comes to weddings, money is the number one solution for your wedding.

I remembered for me, I was really hesistant in taking up credit card during my wedding preparation.

To me, credit card is bad. It makes people want to spend money without much thinking.

But now, it changes my mind.
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