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Credit Cards For Your Weddings

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Money money money!

Who doesn’t need money? Especially it comes to weddings, money is the number one solution for your wedding.

I remembered for me, I was really hesistant in taking up credit card during my wedding preparation.

To me, credit card is bad. It makes people want to spend money without much thinking.

But now, it changes my mind.

Credit card is essential to anyone, especially now the world is going cashless.

Credit card has somehow become king.

Let me tell you how the credit card we have saved us, to a certain extent.

Some credit card companies have tie-ups with wedding vendors such as hotels, bridal studios and such.

So by using their credit cards, they offer discount and freebies.

For example, the hotel which I was holding my wedding dinner offer 10% discount only if we use certain credit card for payment.

And with the large amount of money spent for the wedding (about S$20,000), the points accumulated with the usage of the card can be massive and the points can be used to exchange many shopping vouchers, restaurant coupons and so on.

Some even allow it for exchange of air tickets for your preferred airlines. In a way, it is a savings in the end when it comes to using of credit cards.

So credit card is not neccessary bad.

I think what matter most is the how you use your credit card. With proper financial discipline, having a credit card can be very useful for your wedding preparation.

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