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Protecting Your Marriage & Family After Wedding

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I was thinking really hard for the past two days.

Before marriage, we are accountable only for ourselves.

After marriage, we are accountable to everyone else.

As the husband, I really feel the stress. I wonder do you feel it?

Yes, I’m talk from the men’s perspective.

What if the husband is no longer around?

How will my family be affected?

I was looking through online to get more ideas about insurance.

In fact there are many from auto, home, life to health insurance.

Let’s explore abit on each part.

1. Auto insurance:

I think on average in a quite affluent family, 6 out of 10 families may own a car. Car somehow in a man’s mind will automatically become a valuable family member.

I was sharing in my previous post that this new toy may take up the first position which used to belong to the wife.

Ok, seriously, we need to protect our cars from accidents and such.

2. Home insurance:

Yes, home! We live in a house and it needs protection too.

What is there is a fire or flood or any form of disaster?

If your house is printing money, there is no fear to losing everything you have overnight.

It is a valuable asset after all and our family needs this to live in. So protect your house too.

3. Health insurance:

Health has always been the most talked topic as a person gets older and weaker. My father passed away when I was just a little boy and I must say, thank to health insurance, the amount of money we get pull us through in that time of crisis.

I can’t stress enough that married couples should get health insurance.

It is not just to protect yourself, but also your children.

What happens when you are sick? The money from the health insurance can certainnly lighten the financial load.

4. Life insurance:

I strongly believe that life and health insurance are interlinked. Death can happen anytime.

One of my uncles collapsed suddenly in his hotel room while he was on holiday. His boyd was flown back the next day.

Another friend’s dad got a heart attack while riding on a scooter and has been in coma for the past 2 months.

Life is really unpredictable and you know what you need to do to protect your family.

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    Nancy@Term Life Insurance Quotes Says:

    It is important to make sure the breadwinner of the family has life insurance just in case something happens. It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, but it’s better to be prepared!

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