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Archive for January, 2008

Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – OffBeatBride.com

OffBeatBride.com top 10 wedding sites

Offbeatbride is created by a blogger who is also a writer and editor for a decade. And she is also a marketing manager for Microsoft. (Yes, really!) and this is what she said about herself.

1. Offbeat Tribe

I quoted this from the page: “This is the network for kick-ass, independently minded women who just happen to be getting married. You can talk, connect, and share ideas with other brides inspired by Offbeat Bride, both the book and the website.”

It simply means a discussion platform for offbeatbrides members and other brides. I feel it is wonderful portal for brides to discuss about anything under the sun, especially complaints about their mothers-in-law… shhh!
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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – TopWeddingSites.com

TopWeddingSites.com top 10 wedding sites

In this series of 10 blog posts on the top 10 wedding sites, I have earlier featured Onewed.com. In fact, online wedding guides are many and I have another one – a very popular online wedding guide with tons of essential wedding information.

Top 3 unique features TopWeddingSites.com have: Continue Reading »

My Cousin’s Wedding Part 6 – At The Regent Hotel, Singapore

wedding candle
After a hectic morning, finally the newly wed could make their way to the hotel – Regent Hotel.

Time really flew past quickly and soon, it was time for lunch.

For my cousin, she had a wedding lunch for her family, relative and guests.

Wedding lunch is cheaper as the hotel charges are lower. And it is convenient for the guests in the sense it was just a short 3 hours lunch and normally lunch will end at abouot 3 plus to 4pm.

And most importantly, the newly-wed can rest after a busy day.

Wedding is very, very, very tiring!
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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 5 – After Wedding Game & Back To Groom’s Home

bride and groom
After having some fun during the wedding game, at least for me, the groom finally could enter the home and meet his bride.

Normally for a typical Chinese wedding custom, the groom will first go to the bride’s home and bring her back to his home to meet his own parents and then make another return trip back to the bride’s home.

There would be suckling pig and mandarin oranges to be brought back from the groom’s home back to the bride’s home as a form of wedding gift and they also symbolise good fortune for the newly wed.

At the groom’s home, there will be offering of tea to his parents and relatives and cousins in order of seniority.

For cousins who are younger, they will offer tea to the newly-wed, and in return, they will get red-packets with money inside. This signifies blessings from the newly-wed.

My cousin is rather an emotional girl and she was Continue Reading »

Until Death Do Us Part

untill death do us part
photo from gillespinault

My mind was rather heavy this few days especially having attended a funeral.

One of my colleague’s husband passed away and it was rather sudden.

Having heard from her, it was a choice towards death, Continue Reading »