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Until Death Do Us Part

untill death do us part
photo from gillespinault

My mind was rather heavy this few days especially having attended a funeral.

One of my colleague’s husband passed away and it was rather sudden.

Having heard from her, it was a choice towards death, away from pain. Definitely, the family would be missed. But it was a choice made.

And my colleague witnessed the whole process of him dying – her husband.

“I’m speechless at this moment.

I’m just wondering about the wedding vows – “until death do us part“.

Such simple words to say but it takes committment to honor the words.

At this moment, I’m thinking about death – something so far away from the topic of wedding. Or is it?

Marriage is the start of a journey together and the end should somehow be expected – death it is.

And one day we know we are going to part and it is just that we do not know when.

“Oh my! This topic is so heavy.

While I was at the funeral, many thoughts went through my mind. What will happen at my own funeral? Will I regret for not having done some things? How would I have lived differently now if I know my funeral is coming?

I think my life won’t be different.

Everyday of my life is dedicated to my wife and my family – including my beloved mother.

Everyday I make a point to spend at least 2 hours with her.

Every week we make a pact to date once a week.

Every week I will buy her a little gift – just like good old days and this exclude the flower that I bought her every month.

Looking into the future, would I have regretted for not having done anything?

I think the answer is not.

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