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Top 5 Problems While Planning Wedding

wedding stress
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Unless you are planning to marry yourself and only yourself, you will bound to meet the following problems which are going to (and I repeat) are going make you feel burnt out before your wedding day.

While many soon-to-wed couples are so excited about their big day coming, most will agree with me that the journey towards this new transition doesn’t come easy.

There are many emotive words to describe this nuptial from anxious, to nerve-wrecking to devastating to “I want to kill you” feelings.

* * * * * *

1. Are we really compatible? – the bride said

During the course of planning your wedding, there will be many tested moments if you and your groom can really connect and communicate.

I remember my wife and I had different perceptives of the wedding customs due to different dialect groups, different preference of colors, and even different opinions in the number of children we are going to have.

Oh my! Bear in mind that it was before wedding then and we were into family-planning topics.

This only shows that problems and challenges surface when two families of different culture, values and beliefs enmesh together.

It was torturing!

* * * * * *

2. Mother-in-law! I want to…

I can guarantee you that no matter what race or culture or planet you are from, you will face this biggest problem.

Yes! Mother-in-law! As explained, even the bravest and strongest man on earth has a weakness – his mother-in-law. Hahaha!

Of course, my mother-in-law is a very nice person. It is just that for me, she may at times want to impose her values and beliefs on me, and behind, may be expecting me to change.

Plus, even right now, I’m squeezed in between my wife and my mother-in-law due to certain complications which are not appropriate to reveal here.

Ok. Back to your life, there will be different set of mother-in-law-cum-bride (or groom) stories to be told and enough to be compiled to a 500-pages dictionary.

So arm yourself with the knowledge on how to manage your mother-in-law!

* * * * * *

3. I don’t have money; Can I borrow some?

Money has always been an issue before AND after marriage! It has always been a problem! Big-time problem!

A problem that can drain and suck you dry (physically and mentally) and stress the relationship between you and your groom.

Yes! Tell me! Don’t you have money problem, times when you don’t have enough money?

If no, drop me a message and I want to be your friend.

*just kidding.

So only get married if you have at least US$20,000 or moreor you know where to find them during your course of wedding planning.

* * * * * *

4. Over-stretched by many, many, many … tasks

If you are not a detailed person or someone who love managing projects, you will suffer.

Yes! Suffer is the word and suffer just like me.

And I’m glad it was over.

There will be multi tasks and so learn to multi-task.

Learn to build rapport with your photographer and at the same time, ask for more discount

Learn to tell your mother-in-law that it is not her wedding and at the same time, still maintain good terms with her.

Learn to find ways and means to cut your wedding savings and at the same time, telling yourself it is ok to spend at times.


* * * * * *

5. Being bullied by wedding vendors!!! Don’t think you won’t be!

Imagine you walk up to a brial studio and casually ask about the wedding package.

He offers you lots of items (from gowns to car decor to photgraphy package) and other freebies and discounts.

You thought you got a good deal and you sign up for the package.

But! but! Behind the bridal vendor was laughing, and he lined up all the back-end sale.

And you will soon realise you end up paying more – US$1500 to 3000 more, all because of the ammo from the vendor.

And that is to satisfy your ego and your yearnings.

Learn all about wedding planning tips in our free wedding planning guide for the first 7 days.

*What are the problems you face in your wedding planning? We love to hear from you in the comments below. 🙂

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