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Stuart And Kloudiia’s Wedding – Part 3

Stuart and Kloudiia wedding

After the church wedding in the morning, we went back home for a rest.

It was soon night time and we were off to Stuart and Kloudiia’s wedding party in Upper Club, CHIJMES, Singapore.

Before we went, some of us met for lunch and we were discussing if it was of a sit-down type with round tables and chairs and if we were lucky enough, we could see a wedding dance from the newly-wed.

When we were there, we were kinda of surprised.

No table or chairs!

Only a few tall round tables evenly spreaded in the dance floor and a nicely-decorated stage.

So there was at least a dance floor.

Hmmm, so we were thinking perhaps the couple was going to dance for us. At least one!

The whole night, as how I saw it, was a night of catching up with old friends who I met in whoosh 2 during my Pattern of Excellence Course with Adam Khoo Learning Technology. And of course, it was time to spend time with my buddies from Internet Marketing Academy.

We spent the night eating chips and carrots and chatting. The dinner was buffet-style and we had food such as pasta, chesse cake.

Still, we were waiting for our dance from the newly-wed.

The night ended off with a disco where the dance floor was opened for dancing.

Ok, we managed to see the newly-wed dance, though not formal one like a salsa or waltz.

Anyway, for those of you who are considering another kind of wedding, you can consider a wedding party just for friends and colleagues.

I think it is less formal and more relaxing for us, the younger generation. There is lots of socialisation to do and hey, it is a good time to meet up and catch up with old friends. (which a sit-down wedding dinner will not allow you to do so… because as it literally means you sit down and just eat. :_ )

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